Monthly Must Haves: February

As always, there's a lot of H&M on my monthly wish list but I think that this time the non-H&M items are the more interesting. Just look at these cute earrings and the amazing colours in the Cooee necklace! I'm especially craving the Oasap bags and it seems to me that blue is just a great colour for these. What is on your wish lists at the moment?


Inspiraton: Tattoos

Tattoologist is one of the few blogs I check almost every day. I simply love getting inspired by pretty tattoos even though I haven't got one myself. I always wanted to have a tattoo but I wanted to wait until I'm absolutely sure about the motive and the place where I want to get it. So far that didn't happen. It's definately a blessing that I didn't get the first 2 tattoos I wanted so badly at the beginning, flowers on my foot and a blowball on my back, as by now these motives are literally going on my nerves. At the moment I'm into anchors and clover tattoos but nobody knows how long this affection will last... However I wanted to show you all the pretty tattoos I couldn't resist saving on my computer:


New In: That glitter Jumper

Yesterday I wrote my first exam of the term and afterwards I coulnd't resist to reward myself for the hard work (ahem!) with some shopping. I didn't buy that much as I'm still waiting for some items to hit the shops (a pair of pants from the H&M Conscious Collection and some stuff from a limited makeup edition from p2). There's also one thing where I wasn't sure about buying or not so take a look at it at the end of the post and tell me what you think!


Manicure Monday: A Work of Art

Being inspired by a tutorial I saw, I decided that it was time to do a manicure with the paint brush again. In my other nail tutorials I always used a stiff paint brush to dab the nail polish on my nails but why not try using the paint brush for fancy stripes? Here is how:


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H&M Conscious Collection

I thought I'd just quickly share some pics from H&M's new Conscious Collection. I really love the 3 pieces from the first set and the matching green blouse and shorts. The collection will launch on 25th March. Will you be getting the one or the other thing or aren't you into patterned clothes?


Rihanna for River Island

You probably all knew that Rihanna has been creating her own perfume but did you also know that she dabbled in being a fashion designer? I think that these are great news as I love RiRi's style and I'm sure she did a really good job. Furthermore her collection will be for River Island which yet again is a shop I really like. The collection will officially make its debut at London Fashion Week on Saturday 16th February before it goes on sale globally in River Island stores and on riverisland.com on Tuesday 5th March. I can't wait to see her creations on the runway and if I like what I see I'll be sure to buy the one or the other piece. And the best thing about it is that I'll be in London in March so I don't even have to order the clothes but I can try them on in one of the River Island shops (let's hope they aren't sold out until then...)!
What do you think about this collaboration? Are you fan of Rihanna and her style or do you think this will bomb?


OOTD: Flower Blouse*

Today's post is about a new collaboration I'm doing with the shop Sheinside. They contacted me back in December and this week I finally got the pretty blouse I chose. Some of you already saw it on Instagram but here are the full outfit pics:


My Trip to Paris: Wishlist

In the post about my trip to London I already told you that I'll also be going to Paris soon. I´m really looking forward to it as I've never been in Paris even if I don't live that far away. I'll be there for 4 days so I'll try to see as many places as possible and that's why I also made a little "what I want to see" list for Paris:


Manic(ure) Monday: French Fish Egg Nails

As promised last week, I tried another nail decoration from my Essence kit (which you can see here). As requested I chose to do a nail art with the fish egg pearls and as I didn't want to do an accent manicure again I went for a French manicure. Here is the result:


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FOTD: Candy Girl

As we're still having a winter wonderland outside I couldn't resist taking some pictures so I put on a fancy makeup and asked my boyfriend to be my photographer again. Here is the result:


Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin

It's fashion week time! It all started off with the German designers in Berlin last Tuesday and I already chose my favourite looks from the runway:

1. Lala Berlin


Changing Rooms

I think I'm getting old... I was 100% sure that I have been making at least 2 or 3 "Changing Rooms" posts so far but when I searched my blog I only found the first and only one which you can see here. I actually thought that these kind of posts would be a funny thing to share from time to time that's why I really can't explain to myself why I haven't been doing one since then. Understandably I have been collecting a few changing room pics since then, the oldest are from last summer! I hope that you'll enjoy the pics nevertheless and I promise to check the pictures on my phone more often in order to be able to make more of these posts.


My Trip to London: Wishlist

When it comes to holidays, 2013 will be legendary. So far trips to Paris and London are booked, holidays in 2 other European destinations are being planned and holidays in Croatia and Italy are being held in mind. So in March I'm going to London with my aunt and my sister and as it will be my 4th time in London I decided to make a little list of things that I want to do over there. These are on the one hand things I always do when going to London like for example shopping at Topshop, and on the other hand are things I have been wanting to do but never managed to.


My Face Routine

Two months ago I have already written a post about my hair routine and now I thought it was time to write one about my face care as well. Just as with my hair, it also took me a long time to find the right products for my face and I still haven't achieved my goal of perfect skin care but I think that I'm on the right way. Especially during the makeup workshop I got aware of how important it is to treat your face in a kind way in order to prevent premature skin aging. In the post about my workshop experiences I also gave you some important advices and I saw that some of you were really interested in changing their face routine. This post isn´t meant to be a calling to use all the products I use but it's just supposed to inspire you a bit and to perhaps show you the one or the other possibilities you haven't been aware of.


Manic(ure) Monday: Essence Nail Art Kit

As promised last week I tried the new Essence nail art kit today. I decided to try one of the more easy glitters together with a nice purple nail polish. Here is the result:


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OOTD: Winter is back

This weekend it has been snowing again which on the one hand is good because I haven't seen much snow this year but on the other hand is also bad because slowly we are all wishing for spring and warmer days. At least I am tired of wearing dark colours and so I decided to wear my new blazer I actually bought for Spring, with a warm sweater and so I had the colours and the warmth. I also wore my new MMMxH&M bracelet which I won at a giveaway.


Beauty Empties

Welcome to a new kind of post. I saw a lot of "beauty empties" posts on beauty blogs and I wanted to make one for myself but so far I didn't have the time to. Also did I collect some really random empties over the last couple of months and then I also found some make-up empties from 2011-2012 which I also wanted to include. From 2013 on however I'll try to keep my empties more regularly so I can see what I'm using over a year and which products were good and which were not. I hope that these kinds of posts will also be helpful (or at least interesting) for you guys!


Cooking Made Easy: Healthiest Cookies Ever!

cookie ingredients banana oatmeal raisins

Hands up who wants a cookie. And now hands up who wants a healthy cookie without hardly any fat and without added sugar! I know I only just made a baking post but I found this amazing recipe and I just had to share it because the following are not just the healthiest cookies but also the easiest ones (you can even make them in the microwave!). I found the recipe at a fitness blog called Blogilates written by lovely Cassey.


New In: Beauty and Sales

Until today I hadn't done any shopping in 2013 yet in spite of the sales. I decided that it was time to reward me for a good presentation I had to do for university and so I quickly went to some shops. Only on Monday I had discovered that there is a Zara Home here in Bonn so I had to check it out first of all. They are having some really lovely stuff (each time I'm going to a Zara Home I want to have a baby I can decorate a bedroom for) but unfortunately the prices were a bit too high for my student budget. Next I went to TK Maxx but as usual I didn't find anything really interesting. Some time ago I still didn't understand why TK Maxx was that popular anyways but the more I go there, the more I get the hype. And finally I couldn't go past H&M. This morning I also went to Rossmann as I have been searching for the new Essence Vintage Disctrict nail art decoration kit. I needed to go to 4 drug stores until I finally found a shop where it wasn't sold out yet! Last but not least I also got some beauty in December I still wanted to show you.


Top 10 Most Beautiful Bloggers

Last week I've been browsing one of my favourite blogs and I couldn't help but think how amazingly pretty the girl on these pictures was. I decided that it was time to share her blog, her look and my other girl crush bloggers with you. After seeing all the pretty girls in this post, you will know that I have a thing for brown and curly hair... Let's go:


Manic(ure) Monday: Red Ombré

Yay, the first manicure post in 2013! When I looked at my nail styles from last year I saw the blue ombré manicure I had done and decided that it was time to try the same with other colours. Luckily my eyes fell on my Oktoberfest nail polish set which comes with some great red shades. Here is the result:


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OOTD: I've got the blues

Back in December I asked my boyfriend to take some outfit pictures of me but so far I couldn't show them to you as I had already prepared so many other posts. I wore this outfit for the Christmas dinner at my parents' house and it was the first time that I found an occasion to wear these great cotton shorts I had bought in Portugal last summer.


Cooking Made Easy: Macarons

As you may know from this post I got a box with macaron recipes for Christmas. Today I decided that it was time to try the first flavour namely strawberry macarons with mint. It wasn't only one of the most yummy recipes but also one of the easiest so I dared to give it a try. I had never been making macarons before and I found out that some things about the making were easier than I had thought while other things were way more difficult. I will tell you about the difficulties later but let´s start off with the recipe:


Event: Makeup School

makeup Schule Köln Schmink Workshop

If you follow me on Instagram, you already know that I went to a makeup workshop two weeks ago. Two of my friends and I got a discount code for a training course organized by the Makeup Schule Köln (Makeup School Cologne) at the "Swap in the City" party and so we decided to benefit from our 50% off.


OOTD: Happy New Year!

Welcome to the first post in 2013. I hope you all had a good start to the new year and that you could celebrate extensively. Me and my boyfriend got a spontaneous invitation to a party at my friend's house and so we had a really cosy night, eating Raclette and playing Taboo. I wore the dress I had specially bought for New Year's Eve but I kept my makeup simple as I didn't want to be too overdressed.

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