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When planning my posts for December I have also been thinking about what post would be suitable for this last day of 2013. I had planned all of my reviews and roundups and I had decided not to make my 'Beauty Empties' post on the last day of the month like I usually do. In fact I wanted to come up with something more special and festive.


Manic(ure) Monday: Review on 2013

After my outfit and Instagram review, this is my third and last roundup of 2013 favourites. Even though I still love a good manicure I'm not into this creative nail art that much anymore. I mean playing around with fun creations for Christmas is okay and a glittery topcoat will always work for me but I haven't worked with sticky tape in a while and I love my manicures to be more and more simplistic. Therefor I should really consider if I will keep up the manicure posts in 2014. I mean do you still enjoy reading them at all? Or wouldn't you mind if the Manic(ure) Monday posts were more about colours and products than about nail art? Let me know what you think so we can make this little blog all the more interesting in 2014!


My Year on Instagram

On the last Sunday in 2013 it's time to make a little Instagram review on 2013. Above you can see some of my favourite pics from this year, including lots of memories from my trip to Paris, endless food pics and some fashion and beauty inspirations to top it off.

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Beauty Empties: December

1 SEBAMED balm deodorant (150 ml)
Rebuy it? Yes! Why? When it comes to deodorants I try to be a bit careful and leave out aluminium salts. This deodorant comes without them and is also free from alcohol which makes it super gentle. The smell is okay as well so I will keep on using it.


OOTD: Top 13 of 2013

After Christmas is before New Year's Eve which means it's time to make a little review on 2013. I want to start off with a recap of my 13 favourite outfits. The Holidays are always a time where I get many occasions to dress up and as I mostly spend the entire Holidays with my boyfriend I also have my personal photographer during that time. Thanks to these facts and my new camera lens I have been taking a few more outfit pics lately but also during the year I had quite a few outfit posts which I partly wanted to get back to.

1. From all the outfits I showed on the blog, this was my favourite. I have been in love with this white blazer since I got it and the bag is just perfect for summer. I got the sandals about 2 years ago for only 5€!


OOTD: Christmas

Christmas is almost over, which makes me kinda sad, but then again I had a few wonderful days with my family. On Christmas Eve we ate Raclette at my boyfriend's place, on Christmas we had dinner with his uncle and family, yesterday evening we went to my parent's house for the gift giving and today we had a yummy dinner with my parents and siblings. Yesterday evening was particularly fun because my brother got a new Monopoly game which we had been playing until 2am! The outfit you can see in the first pics was my Christmas dinner outfit and the christmasy pics were mostly taken at my parent's house. Right now I'm gonna leave you with this because we're about to start another round of Monopoly. I hope you had a few wonderful days with your beloved ones as well. Don´t hesitate to tell us what you got for Christmas!


OOTD: Lurex Love

Who said white pants are just for summer? Who said blue flowers can't be snowflakes? I was tired of wearing my black jeans all winter long so I combined these white pants with a wintery lurex jumper and even though some people were clearly irritated by my pants, I think that this outfit is a good look for winter as well. What do you think? Is there anything that you love to wear in winter while everybody else thinks it's a summer garment?


15 Must Try Holiday Treats


While I must admit that I have been collecting most of these recipe inspirations just for their look and that some of them are probably kinda hard to reproduce, there is still time to actually make them for Christmas. As I won't be eating at home tomorrow I didn't prepare a Christmasy dessert but there is still a candy cane recipe on my winter food list. Also I've wanted to make such reindeer cupcakes like forever! Is it too late if I only make them in January or so? Anyway what is your favourite Christmas treat and what dessert will you be serving tomorrow?


Manic(ure) Monday: Let It Snow ♫

Last week I told you I was not sure what manicure I would put on for Christmas. There is this manicure stick which I only bought recently and which I absolutely wanted to try out for this occasion. After looking through the manicure inspiration pics I have been collecting for years I found that a snowflake would be the easiest and maybe also prettiest design so I gave it a try. I started off with a dark blue glitter base (which I introduced  as one of my favourite winter nail polishes here).


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Changing Rooms

As you might know I have this quirk... I always take pics of the clothes I try on in changing rooms. I just only noticed that quite a few changing room pics had been piling up on my mobile phone so I thought I'd share them with you:

jacket - Primark (not bought)


OOTD: Why I hardly post Outfits

Taking outfit pics is so much fun! Well, at least if you live in LA. Or if your boyfriend is a photographer. I don't live in LA. My boyfriend isn't a photographer. Nor is anybody else I know. Instead I live in a small, windy, unsettled hicktown up in the north of Luxemburg. We don't have any pretty buildings over here, nor do we have fun colourful walls or any other cool background for pics. If I wanted to choose an interessting setting for my pics I would have to get into my car and drive for at least 15 minutes. Today I thought it we be about time to take some outfit pics again. I also had a cute outfit in mind which I would wear to a party this evening. But wait... this evening. That means at 7pm which means that it will already be dark outside. I mean really pitch dark! Okay what could I do? I decided to get ready at 1pm for a party which would only take place in 6 hours. Who cares if I'm sitting at home all afternoon looking completely overdressed? (Well at the moment I'm home alone so really nobody cares, haha!) I was totally convinced that today I would be able to take good pics. The sun was shining, I felt comfortable in my outfit and there is this new 50mm lens I just only got, remember? Okay so while at 1pm the sun was still shining it wasn't anymore at 2pm. Instead it had become windy, whirlwind-windy to be exact. Oh and let's not forget to mention that it was -5°C (whindchill factor). So I stood there in my sheer blouse and my summer skirt with a "fresh breeze" going through my hair and I tried to smile. Which I somehow managed to do (okay it's not a really cheerful smile though...) Besides from the fact that I could only use 2/10 of the pics I had been taking with the help of my sister (who did her best but isn't a born photographer), I'm quite satisfied with what I am posting above. Why I am doing this to myself? I have no idea, haha! Probably because I love fashion and because I want to show that I wear cool stuff from time to time as well. But honestly my entire respect goes to those girls who are in the same conditions as I am and still go through this every day! You are awesome! And now everybody knows why I hardly post outfit pics. Kind regards to the bloggers in LA.


The Lip Balm Battle

If there are two beauty products most people can't live without (especially during winter) then they are hand cream and lip balm. Last month I was sponsored to review and compare three hand creams (read my hand cream battle here) and I thought it would be a fun idea to do the same with three lip balms. One of them is the Cosy Lips balm which is free for beauty bloggers to review (simply order your sample over here). The other two lip balms are from Lush and Yves Rocher and I already bought them some time ago. Let's see which lip balm convinced me most:

cosy lips golden girly lip balm


DIY: 9 Must Try Holiday Tutorials

We all know that the holidays can be a really busy time. This year I'm totally tied up with finding last Christmas presents, meeting friends, preparing my stay at home with my family,... That's why I honestly admire those people who still manage to bake Christmas cookies, laboriously decorate their home and even come up with the coolest DIYs. If you still have a little spare time you should definitely dabble in one of these tutorials:

1. Festive socks by Make My Lemonade


Cooking Made Easy: Hot Beverages (Part II)

When it's cold outside, the snow is falling and you're sitting inside with some candles and a cosy blanket, is there anything better than a yummy hot beverage? Last week I've been sharing a white hot chocolate recipe with coconut rasps. Today it's still all about milk but it isn't a hot chocolate as we won't need chocolate for this one. I made a hint about a spread I would use for this recipe and now I can finally reveal the secret: it's speculoos spread... tadaaa! Okay if you are wondering: "What the heck is speculoos spread?!" I should probably tell you a little about what it's made of and about where you can get it. The speculoos spread is made of speculoos cookies which in the US might better be known under the name of "Biscoff cookies". Both are produced by the brand Lotus. The same brand sells the speculoos spread which in the US is sold as "European Cookie Spread". Then I also found the "Speculoos Crunchy Cookie Butter" by Trader Joe's which should be about the same. And finally for my German readers: if you don't find the Lotus spread you can simply buy the "Spekulatius Glück" by Rewe.


Manic(ure) Monday: 5 Winter Favourites

A few weeks ago I shared my 5 favourite nail polishes for fall. Now the days are getting colder and the holiday season has begun so it's time to also share my 5 favourite shades for winter. I mainly chose colours I love to wear for Christmas or to use for wintery nail styles. As you can see I definitely discovered my love for metallics, which are just perfect for the holiday season.

1. Metallic Purple


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Cooking Made Easy: Hot Beverages (Part I)

What can you usually expect from a hot chocolate? Well if you're lucky it will come with cream on top. If you're super lucky (or in an elegant restaurant) it will be made from real melted chocolate and not just cocoa and if you're a blessed child living it the US or UK it will come with marshmallows on top. Today you can make your own hot chocolate that has all of it and even more! (Everybody say "Yaaay!") Okay, back to being serious... A few weeks ago I went to this cute little cupcake shop in Cologne (read the post here) and there I didn't only just eat a super yummy cupcake, but I also drank white hot chocolate for the first time in my life. Unfortunately you couldn't tast the chocolate that much so I decided to give it a try at home. I somehow thought that it would perfectly go with some coconut flavour so here you have my White Coconut Hot Chocolate (I should think of a better name for it though):


Agendas and Planners for 2014


Yesterday I've been sharing pics of my agenda for 2014 over here and on Instagram. Having a lovely and empty planner always makes me think of the amazing things that might happen during the next year. I also know that it can be quite hard to find the perfect agenda, and I'm having quite a few requirements when it comes to their look and the distribution of the sheets. If you have already found a great planner for 2014 you can also think of these as lovely gifts. I got my planner for 2013 for Christmas last year and I thought it was a really great present. The number 5 in this list is quite a special planner as it seems to be just for Christmas (rather the next 5 Christmases), so perfect for anybody who takes this holiday really serious.


New In: Primark, Nikon (and more)

I finally did it! I took the money I got for my birthday and bought the famous 50mm camera lens for my Nikon D3000. After seeing the first pics I knew I took the right decision and I'm so happy with my new baby! (I really keep on calling it like that...). Just now that I'm sharing these pics I can't stop thinking about how much better they would have turned out with the new lens. But the good quality will have to wait for the next haul, haha! Here's "my baby", the Primark stuff I talked about yesterday and some other new ins:

mug - Primark


Primark Store Opening Düsseldorf

I was one of the really lucky bloggers who were able to go to the Primark pre-opening in Düsseldorf yesterday. I went there with the lovely Daria from Cinnamon Star. One and a half hours before the actual opening of this 11th German Primark store the bloggers and press got the possibility to learn more about the brand and get a guided tour through the new store. Besides from the yummy food (mini donuts, cakepops and more) we also good a goodie bag with a really generous 50€ voucher which we couldn´t wait to redeem. We only had very little time left before the actual opening of the store so we too had to struggle through the hundreds of people who before had been waiting in the queue outside to get a look at the new store as well. I saw quite a few things I really liked but I managed to limit the purchase to the 50€ from the voucher. Taking part in a Primark pre-opening is quite a cool event as you will never see a Primark that tidy ever again, haha!


Christmas Market Bonn

Who else loves Christmas markets like I do? I have been quite busy this winter but I managed to take a short walk over the Christmas market in my city and even take some pics. I will probably go there again tomorrow in order to have a snack and maybe also drink some hot wine punch. Last year I also bought some of my Christmas presents over there and as I still need some for this year I will keep my eyes open for nice stuff. Is there anything you like to do every year around Christmas? Have you been to a particularly gorgeous Christmas market this year?


❄24 Days of Christmas Blogging Giveaway❄

As I told you guys I have teamed up with some local bloggers to brighten up your Advent and bring you a nice giveaway every day of it. Today it's finally my turn to make you a present and I think the prices are some of the best I ever had in my giveaways. On the one hand I have the Lush Travel Naked kit for you, which was kindly offered by the Lush store Bonn and which contains the products Seanik, Big, Karma, Each Peach and Sugar Scrub. Then, do you remember the p2 products I recently introduced in this, this and this post? Well you can get your very own box filled with all of them! When the people from dm-drogerie markt sent me the products to review them, they had a little logistic problem and accidentally sent me 2 boxes. When I asked them what I should do with the second one they allowed me to use it for this giveaway. Awesome, right?


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Cooking Made Easy: Chocolate Macarons

chocolate macarons recipe

When I got this macarons mat I told you that I would use it and make macarons again. And I even made them earlier than I would have thought, namely on Thursday. As baking macarons can be a little difficult I didn't even think about taking pics while making them. When the macarons were finished it was too dark to take pictures as well and the next day I only came home in the afternoon and my family had eaten those few macarons that looked okay... That's why you only get to see these cracked ones (I really don't know what went wrong with them...). However I hope that you enjoy the pics anyway and that you're interested in trying to make your own macarons. What I like about these chocolate ones is that they don't taste that sugary and I'm sure even people who normally don't like macarons will fall for them.


Face Contouring (Review and Tutorial)

From this haul you might still know that I got myself this Face Form contouring and blush palette from Sleek. Since my first make-up workshop 2 years ago I wanted to try to contour and highlight my face but finding the right powders turned out to be a bit more complicated. Lots of brands either don't feature contouring palettes or only sell really dark contouring powder. As I have really fair skin and was worried about the whole thing looking way too unnatural I always stayed away from buying contouring products.


Blogger Meet-Up at GinYuu

This summer me and some other bloggers made it our business to get in contact with all of the bloggers living in the wonderful German city Bonn. After founding a Facebook group for us girls, we already had our 4th blogger meet-up on Tuesday evening. We decided to meet at the newly opened restaurant GinYuu


Inspiration: Christmas Decoration

There is no doubt that there are so many good things about Christmas but for me one of the best things is the beautiful decoration. This year I really couldn't wait to arrange my Christmas tree but I think I will never manage to make my home look as good as you always see it in the magazines. And as I really like these interior pics I decided to make a little inspirational post with Christmas decoration for you. Happily a few days before writing this post I was contacted by House of Fraser and they offered me to use the pics from their lookbook which isn't available to the public. I took a look at the pics and really loved them, they were just what I was looking for. And the best part: the showed stuff is actually available for you. Just take a look at House of Fraser Home.


Monthly Must Haves: December

The Monthly Must Haves post of December is in fact a Primark special edition. One week from now there will be a new Primark store opening in Düsseldorf and I can't wait to check it out. I have never been to a German Primark, only to their stores in London and in Liège. As Primark doesn't have an online store I never thought about featuring Primark stuff in my wish list posts but now I signed up to their press page and I was able to take a look at the A/W 2013 designs. Here are my favourites:


Manic(ure) Monday: Goldfinger

Last week I have showed you the first nail polish from the p2 limited edition "A Night to Remember" and today it's time to talk about the second one and also show you the applied nail pearls. Just like the other p2 nail polish this one is really easy to dose and to apply and it also lasts for quite a while. When I removed the other nail polish a few days ago I also noticed that it was really easy to remove and the vivid colour was no problem for my nail polish remover. What I also like about this nail polish is the liquid gold look and as I already told you I had been looking for a similar shade for ages.


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P.S.: Today it's the first day of Advent and thus the beginning of our blogging Advent calendar. Check out the first giveaways over here and here.


Beauty Empties: November

1 Redken all soft shampoo and conditioner 10ml
Rebuy it? No. Why? I got these as samples at my hairdresser and even though I can't say anything against the products I think that Redken is a bit too expensive. If however you're looking for a more professional shampoo and conditioner you could try these. 


DIY: Last Minute Advent Calendar

After collecting my favourite beauty Advent calendars, I thought it would be cool to share some DIY calendar ideas as well. In fact his post isn't really about making your own Advent calendar (as it's already close to Advent and nobody ain't go time for that!, haha) but it's a little collection of available Advent calendars which you can fill with your own surprises. Of course you can also take these as inspirations for a real DIY Advent calendar, for example the one with the boxes could also be made of boxes you still have at home or you could sew some bags to make something like #3 (and I don't need to mention how easy it would be to make #5!). Personally I just bought something like #1 to fill it with sweets for my boyfriend. And even though I was too lazy to make a real DIY tutorial, I was not too lazy to collect 24 items under 24€ which you can use to fill your Advent calendar (DIY or not).

1 Karstadt 2 Galeria Kaufhof 3 Galeria Kaufhof 4 Butlers 5 Strauss


Henry Holland for MRP

If you don't know Henry Holland for his other work, you probably still remember his famous "straps" tights, right? Well, even if you don't, just let me say that he is a famous english designer who normally sells his House of Holland designs for around 100-500€. Now what if I told you that he created a range of dresses, inspired by some famous ladies such as Rihanna, Alexa Chung or Agyness Deyn and that you can get these for not more than 14€... Yes you heard right, 14! The dresses were made as a limited edition for Mr. Price, the South African version of Primark. Even though the e-mail about the cooperation only reached me a few hours ago, some of the dresses are already sold out so you better hurry up if you want to get one of the following (or the Alexa dress which isn't pictured):

Henry Holland for MRP

I was quite interested in the Kelly Osbourne dress but it seems to be sold out already. Which one is your favourite?


New In: Birthday Presents

So as I already mentioned yesterday my birthday was more than two weeks ago but I only celebrated with my family on Sunday. That is also why I have been waiting to show you the presents I got in order to have this post complete. Again my friends and family have come up with some really thoughtful and creative presents and I want to thank them, not only for the gifts but also for celebrating with me or simply sending me birthday wishes.


OOTD: Topshop Dress

This weekend I celebrated my birthday with my family (even though my birthday was already on November 11th but we didn't find an earlier date to get together). It was the perfect occasion to wear my new Topshop dress, which I had showed you in my last "new in" post. I really can't believe how flattering this dress is and the colour is of course amazing for the fall/winter season as well. Besides the new dress I'm also wearing new jewellery, at which you will be able to take a closer look in two upcoming posts. Besides from getting a few more birthday presents I enjoyed our get-together for the fact that I could simply sit down with my beloved ones and have fun (at the end of the day we all played Taboo, haha!). The highlight of the day was definitely the Louis Vuitton bag cake my mum had chosen for me. It was a huge surprise as I wanted to get such a cake for years but never actually told my mum about it!


Manic(ure) Monday: Luxury Miss

On Saturday I have already written a post about the p2 limited edition "A Night to Remember" make-up. Today it is time to also say a few words about the first nail polish I got: 040 Luxury Miss. It is a vivid metallic purple and even though I normally don't use much metallic nail polish colours I came to like this one.


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A Night to Remember

Last week I found a really pleasent surprise in my mail. It was a packet from my favourite drugstore dm and contained half of the products from the "A Night to Remember" limited edition from p2 for me to try out. I had read about the collection in their newsletter before so I was really curious to take a closer look at the products. First of all what did I get?


Room Nine Christmas Warm Up

I already told you that I went to the Room Nine Christmas party yesterday evening. Now you're probably wondering what Room Nine is, right? Well, it's a concept store and probably the coolest shop Bonn has to offer. (In case you forgot, Bonn is the German city where I'm studying and living at the moment.) That said I should probably also explain what is so special about the store. First of all they have all the cool and trendy stuff you see on the Internet but never actually find in your home town. Besides clothes, shoes and accessories they also sell books, kitchen supplies, beauty products and decoration. French Connection and Maison Scotch are just two of the labels they have to offer. All of this stuff however isn't being sold in one single but in 4(!) stores that are all close to each other. It's the Room Nine street, haha! The 4 stores are divided into "Shoes & Fashion", a sale area, the concept store and a proper Room Nine outlet. And as if this weren't enough all 4 stores are of course brilliantly decorated with vintage, girly, playful, elegant and cosy details. But instead of talking let me demonstrate:


Royal Cupcakes

Phew, today was such a crazy and stressful day! I only just came home but I wanted to share some first pictures of this day with you. In fact I've been to so many places that I can't believe I did it all in less than 12 hours!


A Kate Spade Cocktail Party

With the holiday season approaching the time for festivities and parties has begun. I have been the host of some little parties with friends myself but I never had the possibility to host a super chic cocktail party. However that would be a lovely idea for a New Year's Eve party, right? When browsing the Kate Spade NY online shop earlier today I saw that they are having some super cute party supplies and even a special "Champagne Collection". Here are my favourites for a successful get-together (dressing up included!):


The Hand Cream Battle*

A few weeks ago, Mireille has launched a product test via the German "Blogger-Forum". Bloggers could apply for either a set of 3 lip balms or 3 hand creams, which Mireille purchased with her own money and sent to us. I decided to review the hand creams as I don't use lip balms that often anymore. Last week the parcel with my hand creams arrived, together with some beauty samples and yummy chocolates. Instead of a nomal review, where I would simply talk about the pros and the cons of each product, I decided to make a "hand cream battle" and choose a winner at the end. I will now list all the properties I evaluated and then distribute them to the accordant cream:

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