Tried and Tested: Mary Kay

I first got in touch with Mary Kay products back in November at the Swap in the City party in Cologne. They were having a booth and offered to paint our faces or to advise us on their products. They were also hosting a giveaway which I happily won. When I got the box with their products on Monday I thought it was a great opportunity to get to know this brand a bit better. The reason why I hadn't heard much about Mary Kay is that they are a direct selling association which means that they don't sell their products in a shop but via counsellors advising their clients at their houses. Besides the 150€ worth products from the giveaway I will also review a Mary Kay lipstick I got in my goodie bag at the Swap in the City party as well.

1. Creme Lipstick Whisper

When I first saw the colour of this lipstick I thought that it wouldn't look good at all because brown lipsticks are usually not my taste. When I had it on my lips however, I saw that it was rather a nude shade and that it didn't look that bad after all. The lipstick is easy to apply, has a nice smell and lasts for quite a while so there's nothing bad I can say about this product.

2. Bold Shine Lip Colour Poised Pink

Then I also got a lip gloss in a nice pink colour which i like a lot. The texture is rather sticky and the gloss stays thus perfectly in place. The colour is not too flashy and yet really pretty, just the way I like it.

3. Compact Mini + Eye Intrigue colour quad

As you can see the eyeshadow comes with a nice powder box, which keeps the palette in place with the help of a magnet, and with an applicator and a little brush. And this is yet another product I'm really satisfied with as the colours are so pretty and just after my fancy. I think this eyeshadow is prefect for the upcoming festive days and I will probably have been overusing this palette by the end of 2012.

4. Nail Lacquer Tempting Teal

As you may know I already tried the nail polish on Monday in my manicure post so if you want to know a bit more about this product you can simply read that post.

5. Gel eyeliner Tempting Teal

 As you can see this gel eyeliner has the same colour as the nail polish and comes with the needed brush to apply it. Already with the colour of the nail polish I had my little problems and now I should even put this bold shade in my face? For a long time I was unsure whether I should even try the product or simply leave it as it was and give it to a friend who would like it. But as I had never tried a gel eyeliner and as I was too curious to see how that would look in my face I just had to try it. The bottom line is that I'm really happy that I tried it because the colour looks great on my eyes, it's the perfect thing to use when you want a fancy party makeup. Also the gel eyeliner stays on really well and you even need a good makeup remover to take it off.

6. Perfume and Radiant Shimmer Lotion Dance to life

Last but not least I also got a fragrance and the matching body lotion. The perfume sells good but not really spectacular, it has this typical no name/cheap perfume smell even if the 50ml bottle isn't cheap at all (50€!). The body lotion smells just like the perfume and contains these glitter particles. When I applied the cream I liked that it was pretty moisturizing but I found that it contained almost too much glitter but for a night out it would be okay.

So that was it for my review, I hope you liked it and the products I tried. I'm so grateful for getting all these lovely things so please tell me what your experiences with Mary Kay products are. Have you been using some of them or have you never heard of Mary Kay until today?


  1. I had never heard of this brand before. The lipstick and gloss look good. I like the eyeshadow box - very original. xo


  2. I also haven't heard of this brand, their products look so lovely. I really like the shades of lipgloss and lipstick and the palette is stunning too! you look so pretty!

  3. Hi Carmen! I never heard about this brand, but really your stuff inspires me, especially the gel eyeliner and the shimmer lotion! Kisses!! xo

  4. Hi Carmen,
    Great makeup tips.

    If you get a sec, let me know what you think of my latest post.



  5. Seems like a very nice brand!

  6. it seems a good brand...i like very much this post..

  7. love them :D
    Nice post and I like your blog ...maybe we can follow each other from GFC and Bloglovin? :D
    New post on my blog
    Facebook Page

  8. The lipstick color is fab! xo


  9. I've never heard of this brand before but it looks and sounds amazing!

  10. Mary Kay is brand that I know has always been there for years but I haven't tried any of their products because they are just not easily accessible. I don't know any representatives personally so it's not easy for me to buy. I enjoyed reading this post x

    1. It's a lot more accessible than most people think. If you want to try the products above and see what else is available, you can go to www.marykay.com and search for an Independent Beauty Consultant in your area.

  11. Mary Kay rocks! great post.

  12. Great products!
    Love the nail color btw :)


  13. I love the eye shadow and the compact it comes in,very cool compact. So funny but I still think of Ladies with big hair and pink cars when I think of Mary Kay! In fact I know someone who made a documentary about Mary Kay saleswomen!

    Ali of:


  14. Obviously a Mary Kay addict...just amazing products. Especially the lipcolors are perfect.


  15. Looks great! I like this first lipstick!

  16. I really love the Bold Shine Lip Color. It has pretty color :)


  17. a lot of awesome products! loved the nail polish and the eyeliner <3

  18. I never knew they did have make-up. I love the polish :)
    LaceyLoves x


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