Tried and Tested: Makeup Advent Calendar

As you may know I got a lovely beauty Advent calendar for my birthday. If you follow me on Instagram you already saw the content of the 24 doors but now I want to review the makeup I got. Maybe you already thought about getting a makeup Advent calendar for next year and if so this post might help you make up your mind. Let's start off with the content:

3 nail polishes
1 bronzer powder
1 mascara
1 Blush
1 lip balm
1 lip gloss
1 lipstick
4 eyeshadow palettes
1 lip pencil
2 eye liner
1 eye brow pencil
1 nail whitening pencil
1 nail file
1 hand mirror
1 applicator and 1 eye brow brush
1 pencil sharpener
1 pack cotton pads

1. nail pencil: the nail pencil does its job but is way too weak, it crumbles away while using it and needs to be sharpened all the time
2. lip liner: the lip liner has a nice pink colour (Nicki Minaj would love to wear it) but it comes without matching lipstick and of course you can use it without a lipstick and just paint your whole lips with it but I don't think that is the sense of a lip liner, is it?
3. eye brow pencil: the eye brow pencil comes in a reddish brown which will probably only suit 10% of all women and is thus useless for me
4. golden eye liner: I was very happy about getting this product as I didn't have a golden eyeliner so far. It is easy to apply and also stays on quite well
5. black eye liner: the black eye liner is okay but that was about it, no need to say that I already have tons of black eye liners in my makeup box
6. sharpener: the blade isn't quite sharp enough to get a good result

7. lipstick: the colour looks okay if you only apply it really slightly to get a bit of shimmer
8. lip balm: does it's job but is a bit too soft
9. lip gloss: this product is great, I was in love from the beginning! Really easy to apply and it makes gorgeous Snow White lips! The only bad thing is that it doesn't outlast your next meal

10. blusher: the product is okay and I was happy to have another blusher but the colour is a bit too light and contains too much glitter
11. cotton pads: didn't like these as they began to shred really quickly
12. bronzer powder: the powder can't really be seen as a bronzer as it has a really bright shade and doesn't contain barely any glitter

13., 14. and 15. nail polish, base coat and top coat: I didn't try the nail polishes because I didn't like the colour at all. I could imagine that it isn't even covering but I will give the top coat a try next Monday
16. nail file: it is a sand file and thus quite okay. The grains are a bit too big but at least your nails get shortened very quickly

17. applicator: the applicator is quite good as the sponges are firm and I also like that it has a long handle as there is nothing worse than these way to short applicators that come with some eye shadow palettes
18. eye brow brush: I didn't try this one but I'm sure it's just as any other eye brow brush
19. hand mirror: the mirror quarried out of the frame the first day I got it...

20. mascara: I was surprised when first using this product. I always thought that mascaras need to be expensive in order to be good but I really liked this one. It has the perfect dark black shade I love!

21.-24. eye shadow palettes: I love these! I was in need of new eye shadows for a long time so it was perfect that the Advent calendar came with so many colours. The dark brown palette top left is my favourite but unfortunately the colours don't stay on that well. For example I applied the blue one at 11 am and at 6 pm you couldn't even see which colour I had applied anymore

And now let me show which looks I created with the new products:

Conclusion: I would buy a makeup Advent calendar again as it was a great fun opening all the doors. Furthermore I got some nice stuff I didn't have before and there are some things I will definately keep on using. On the other hand you need to spend more money on a good Advent calendar if you only want high quality stuff as this no name calendar also contained a lot of things nobody really needs. I also made a post about some other really nice Advent calendars.

Now tell me how did you like this review. Did you see any products you would use as well? And which calendar did you have this year?


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  2. yoo look cute!

  3. Love they eyeshadows - you look great! x, Kat


  4. Happy New Year! If you get a sec, checkout my latest post 'Ostrich feather shirt: from day to night'.


  5. Great review! love this post!

    Kisses, Lucy:)

  6. Nice stuff you got there!

    *Love, Raluca*

    *New post*

    *Facebook page*

  7. How fun with a beauty advent calendar. I had an advent calendar from The Body Shop this year and I loved it!

  8. Beautiful products, I love those make up :)

  9. I'm the first time on your blog, but I really like it!
    Great post!
    Kisses from Poland! , *

    Wanna follow each other?

  10. Great post!

    Happy Holidays

    And a Happy New Year ♥ ♥ ♥

    Let all your dream come true,


    www. rock-and-roses.blogspot.ro

  11. Hey, ich hab grade deinen Blog gefunden, er gefällt mir sehr.
    Hast du vielleicht Lust auf gegenseitiges verfolgen?

    Liebst, crossing-penguins.blogspot.de ♥

  12. I never heard about this advent calendar before but it looks so cool!
    Thanks for your review, now I want it too!!

    Xx el33ta


  13. makeup in the last photo is very festive! good holidays!


  14. wow, nice make-up suggestions dear! You look absolutely beautiful and sweet!


    Sandra @ Blasfemmes

  15. A beauty advent calender, how cool!



  16. This sounds like such a fun idea, especially if you love makeup and its great getting to try out so many different beauty products. I particularly like the eye shadow palettes, very versatile and looks pretty!

  17. So fun! I am terrible at makeup application. I literally need a tutorial! Thanks for sharing.


  18. Such a lovely blog you have. :) I am your new follower, I hope you visit my blog too and maybe follow back! (???) :)

    Have a nice day!)

  19. Love this! I definitely want one next holiday season :)

    Alexandra xo


  20. Los tonos marrones y dorados te quedan fenomenal!
    besos desde Miami,

  21. A beauty advent calendar is such a great idea!xx

  22. Those eyeshadows are such wonderful colours! I have never heard of a makeup advent calendar, but I think I shall def look into it for next year!

  23. Love the metallics. In fact I got metallic press on nails in my swag bag when I attended the Lucky FABB blog conference and I am going to try them out for NYE! Yeah I agree with Shannon a beauty advent calendar is a GREAT idea!

    Ali of:


  24. I like all that items. Looks great and nice post.


  25. looks like you picked up some really nice items. i love the shimmeriness of the eyeshadow in the last photo :)

    xx rae

  26. Great post! I love it all!
    thanks for sharing (:


  27. i looked through your blog and decided that you're pretty much amazing with make up :)

    following you <3
    hope you stop by my blog too!


  28. amazing post u are so detailed with ure posts I love it xx

  29. Never heard of a make-up advent calendar. It's awesome! Looks great on you too these shades.

    Puck | ONEOFPOINTS.com

  30. Great post Dear ! I can't imagine living without blush - this one is perfect , black eye pencil and god lip balm :) ...would you like to folow each other ? just let me know :)

    Happy New Year ! :)

  31. You look amazing:)
    Would you like follow each other?:)

  32. I'd love to get one next year!


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