Manic(ure) Monday: New Year's Eve and Review on 2012

Guys are you ready for the big party tonight? My dress is waiting for me and I already know which makeup I will make and now my nails are ready, too. The manicure didn't quite turn out the way I wanted but I think it's ok nevertheless. I tried to match it with my dress which you can see here. Then I also have a review of my favourite nail creations 2012...


My Year on Instagram

As promised his post will be another review on 2012, showing you some of my many Instagram pics:


Review on 2012: Outfits

3 days from here we will already be in 2013. Crazy isn't it? Time goes by so quickly when you're having fun and 2012 was definitely a great fun! I loved going to Portugal and Munich, spending the hot days outside with my friends from university, my Halloween party, my birthday, Christmas, partying with old friends in Luxembourg, all the events I attended, spending time with my boyfriend... everything was so nice! And as blogging was a big party of my life in 2012 as well I wanted to thank you for being a part of this and for supporting me on a daily base. Especially during the last days I loved reading your comments as I felt that Christmas didn't only bring the families closer but also the blogger community. Thank you so much for all of your sweet "merry Christmas" wishes, they meant a lot to me! As a little review on 2012 I prepared 3 posts and the first one will show you my favourite outfits I wore during the last 12 months:

1. Light Blue for Summer


Tried and Tested: Makeup Advent Calendar

As you may know I got a lovely beauty Advent calendar for my birthday. If you follow me on Instagram you already saw the content of the 24 doors but now I want to review the makeup I got. Maybe you already thought about getting a makeup Advent calendar for next year and if so this post might help you make up your mind. Let's start off with the content:

3 nail polishes
1 bronzer powder
1 mascara
1 Blush
1 lip balm
1 lip gloss
1 lipstick
4 eyeshadow palettes
1 lip pencil
2 eye liner
1 eye brow pencil
1 nail whitening pencil
1 nail file
1 hand mirror
1 applicator and 1 eye brow brush
1 pencil sharpener
1 pack cotton pads


OOTD: More glitter for Christmas

Wow, two outfit posts in a row?! I know this isn't characteristic of me but first it's Christmas time which means that there are a lot of occasion to dress up. Secondly I'm in Luxembourg which means that I have my boyfriend and my sister as my personal photographers and furthermore I felt I owe you a bit more fashion posts as the beauty posts began to take over.


OOTD: Christmas Eve

I hope you're all having a nice Christmas so far. I just wanted to quickly share yesterday's outfit. My boyfriend and I went to have dinner with his mum so it was a really cosy evening. How did you spend Christmas Eve and what are you doing today? Have you already got the one or the other nice present?


Manic(ure) Monday: Christmas Nail Patch

Today it's Christmas Eve and you're probably all having your outfits ready for tonight or tomorrow but do you also have your Christmas manicure ready? I sure do as I just applied these gorgeous nail patches I bought at Hema some time ago. It was the first time that I applied nail patches so I thought I'd just share this experience with you and show you the result:


My week on Instagram

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OOTD: Elephants are my Fashion Friends

Today I wanted to take nice outfit pictures outside but it was raining and so we had to take them inside. As I'm back in Luxembourg I didn't have my white wall to take them in front of so they look really amateurish but I hope to be able to take better pictures soon!


Photography for Beginners

Last week I shared some of my photographs with you and asked if you wanted to read a post about photographic techniques. A lot of you told me that they were interested in some tips so now I´m writing this post. All I will tell you is what I learned in the photography class I attended for 3 years and in the photography journalism workshop I visited some weeks ago. Some of you may already know all the things I'm gonna write down and if so I would be glad if you could share some other photography techniques you know.

If you want to take more professional pictures you should seriously think about getting a good camera. Now what is a good camera? "Good" doesn't mean that it needs to be expensive and it also doesn't mean that it needs to be a Nikon or a Canon. The first important thing is that your camera has an interchangeable objective lens and that it can be fitted with an external flashgun. Furthermore it would be a good thing if your camera could take pictures in the format NEF (RAW) because JPEG automatically reduces your pictures to an inferior quality. Even if you don't want to buy a new camera + several objective lenses + an external flashgun it's always good to have the possibility to add these things to your camera in a later step.


Festive Jewellery

As I'll be spending the holidays with my family in Luxembourg, I needed to decide which clothes, shoes, bags,... to take home in order to have nice outfits for all the upcoming feasts. Yesterday I took a look at my jewellery and checked which pieces were festive enough to take home. Here is what I chose:


Christmas Gift Guide: Presents for Men

1. Pac-Man magnets via Topshop
2. Rucksack via Topman
3. Nike Maxim football via Nike
4. Hat via H&M
5. Belt via Topman
6. Emporio Armani watch via Christ
7. Mug Stickers via Topshop
8. Dollar paper clips via Topman
9. Leather gloves via H&M


Manic(ure) Monday: Silver Moon

Today I have a rather elegant manicure for you. It's perfect for those who like simple nails with a certain twist. If you use red and gold instead of white and silver it will be the perfect manicure for Christmas.


My Week on Instagram

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Christmas Gift Guide: Beauty Products

I thought I'd make a little post for those of you who are still desperately searching for the right Christmas present. This one is about nice beauty products you could get for your mum, sister, best friend,... I decided to reduce it to beauty products as in my opinion they are the best choice, always welcome and useful for everybody. Furthermore I tried to find products that look so pretty that they don't even need to be wrapped up. If you are interested I could also make a more general post about gift ideas for boys and men next week.


Winter Wonderland

Last weekend I attended a workshop about photo journalism and it was really interesting and informative. I had a photography course in secondary school for 3 years but in this workshop I learned so many new things which I tried to apply immediately like for example how you can avoid using the flash or how to play with the field depth in your pictures. If you are interested I could make a post for photography beginners where I tell you what I learned so far. However the pictures I want to show you today have been taken right at the beginning of the course so they are nothing special when it comes to photographic technique but they simply show you how pretty the city I live in looked that day, all covered in snow:


Tried and Tested: Mary Kay

I first got in touch with Mary Kay products back in November at the Swap in the City party in Cologne. They were having a booth and offered to paint our faces or to advise us on their products. They were also hosting a giveaway which I happily won. When I got the box with their products on Monday I thought it was a great opportunity to get to know this brand a bit better. The reason why I hadn't heard much about Mary Kay is that they are a direct selling association which means that they don't sell their products in a shop but via counsellors advising their clients at their houses. Besides the 150€ worth products from the giveaway I will also review a Mary Kay lipstick I got in my goodie bag at the Swap in the City party as well.

1. Creme Lipstick Whisper


New In: MMMxH&M

Maison Martin Margiela x H&M plexi heels beige

As you may remember I was not a big fan of the MMMxH&M collection and the few things I really liked were way too expensive. Last week the H&M online sale started again and so I decided to quickly check what they were selling. I was quite surprised when I saw that there were still plexi wedge pumps from the MMM collection available and they were not only available but they also were 70% off! The hard decision was not whether to buy them or not but whether to buy them in black, beige or red. Finally I ordered them in beige and got them for the reasonable prize of 70€.


Manic(ure) Monday: Retro Snow

Mary Kay nail polish review teal

This morning I had just dressed to leave the house when I heard a rustling outside my apartment. I was pretty sure that somebody had laid down a packet in front of my door but the only thing I expected was my Oasap order. That's why I was quite surprised when outside I found a rather big parcel from Mary Kay. I had never been ordering at Mary Kay in my whole life so I was eager to find out why they would send me a box full of amazing products and I hurried up to read the enclosed letter which said that I won the Mary Kay giveaway I had joined back in November at the swapping party in Cologne. I had totally forgotten about that giveaway so getting this 150€ worth present made me feel like it was Christmas and my birthday at the same time. Now you might be wondering what this has got to do with today's post. Well the parcel also included a Mary Kay nail polish in this really particular colour.


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Winter Beauty Favourite

(from left to right: Gingerbread Chai Latte, Apple Cinnamon Punch, Caramel Hot Chocolate)

It is known that one should adapt one's skin care to the seasons, like for example using lighter face creams in summer or using more nourishing body creams in winter. Unfortunately I'm quite lazy when it comes to these things so again this winter I won't use any other beauty products than usual. With one exception: the hand cream. Last summer I bought a nice hand lotion that smelled like raspberries but I felt it was a bit unseasonable for winter and then I saw the new Essence "Winter Edition" hand balms of which I knew that I must have them in any case. And when I say "them" I mean all three of them (I will still be using these creams in winter 2015 but who cares...)


OOTD: Do It Like A Dude

As you complimented me a lot on my new H&M pants I thought I'd make an outfit post wearing them. I wasn't sure about which top to add and so I ended up wearing my good old H&M sweater I've already worn so much these days. The shoes are the ones I got at the swapping party back in November and even if they are horrible to walk in I thought they were perfect to add some femininity to this rather male outfit (my boyfriend lovingly called my pants "grandpa pants").


Facts about: Zara

Do you remember my "Facts about..." series in which I already talked about H&M, Gina Tricot and Topshop? Yesterday I thought that it was time to continue this series and there's a special reason why I chose to talk about Zara next. Maybe you already heard about Greenpeace fighting against polluting chemicals being used in the production of clothes? And especially Zara has made bad headlines on this issue...


New In: New Year's Eve Dress

Lately I got some new stuff I want to show you and among the new pieces there's also the dress I want to wear for New Year's Eve. So far I don't know what I'll be doing on the 31th yet but at least I already have the outfit!


Manic(ure) Monday: The Perfect Team II

Last Monday I already announced that a second Kiko-Essence manicure would follow today. This week's and last week's manicure have in common that they both combine a Kiko nail polish and an Essence glitter topper, the huge difference is the colours:


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OOTD: Casual

Today is the 1st Advent which means that I could finally open the first door of my makeup Advent calendar. The content was an eyeshadow in pretty glittery grey shades. I immediately tried the eyeshadow and I'm pretty satisfied with the shades. The quality of the product is not that good as I had to apply several layers before I was satisfied but that's ok. And as I was already taking pictures I thought I'd also show you my OOTD even if it's a rather casual one. I hope you are all having a great 1st Advent and don't forget to tell me what was behind your Advent calendar door!

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