My hair routine & How to make a perfect bun

Today's post will be a little mingle-mangle of a lot of hair related matters. First of all it's a post about my hair routine and thus a post showing you what I do to my hair to keep it bouncing. But then it's also a "Tried and Tested" post, including reviews about the hair products I use and about my new hair straightener. Last but not least it is also an article on my two favourite hairdos and will thus include the requested tutorial on how to make a perfect bun. Let's start off with my hair routine:
To keep my hair healthy I only wash it every second day. Furthermore I rinse it with cold water and I always use a conditioner. However I only apply the conditioner to my hair tips as the roots of the hair grease of their own.

Two months ago I bought a hair repair oil as I found the tips of my hair were being a bit dry. You can either apply it in your wet hair (as I do) or in your dry hair before washing it, or simply occasionally in your dry hair. I will talk a bit more about the oil later in this post.

After blow-drying my hair it tends to look a bit frizzy and is positioned in all directions...

...that's why I straighten my hair about three times a week using a heat protection.

This is my favourite hairdo number one. Straight and easy, the perfect hairstyle for every hairlength.

The hair products I am using at the moment:

1. Schwarzkopf Schauma Color Glanz Farbschutz-Spülung - a conditioner for coloured hair: I'm using this conditioner as I had tinted my hair last summer and the colour still hasn't gone. If it's all used up I will probably get myself a deep conditioner for long hair in order to care for my hair even better.
2. Yves Rocher Brown Reflexes Shampoo with china bark: One of my favourite shampoos so far, read a review about it here.
3. L'Oréal Paris Studio HotStraight: my favourite heat protection so far. It will be empty soon so I might get this one as a spray next.
4. Balea Oil Repair hair oil: I had heard a lot about repair oils but most of them were way to expensive so I chose to get this one at the drug store dm. It smells really good and makes my hair look way more healthy and also makes it easier to primp.
5. Schwarzkopf 3 Wetter taft 10-Karat-Glanz Haarlack - a glamour hairspray: I don't use hairspray to make special hairdos so the strenght doesn't matter but I simply use it as a finish so this sparkling hairspray is just perfect.

My new hair straightener I got as an early birthday present from my mum. My sister has a Philips hair straightener as well and I found it was a really good one so I chose a Philips one as well. Of course I had heard a lot of good things about the famous ghd but this one is just as good and doesn't even cost half as much.

The straightener has an even heat distribution and you can individually adjust the heat (I straighten my hair at 160°C/320°F which is perfectly enough). I think the size is just perfect as I often also use it for my bangs.

My blow-dryer is from the brand Braun and allows you to choose between 4 heat regulations. I'm really satisfied with it as well.

And now I will finally come to the tutorial on how to make the bun. It is in fact really easy and everybody with at least shoulder-length hair will be able to do it:

You'll need one of these special bun sponges and two hair ties (or a hair tie and some barettes).

Tie your hair together...

...put the bun sponge over your hair...

...and tie the remaining hair over the sponge, fixing it under the sponge with a hair tie or some barettes. Fix the whole thing with hairspray and you are done.

So that was if for my hair related post. I hope you liked it and it was helpful for you. If you are interested in more tips on how to care for your hair you should also check my "How to treat your hair" post. What is your hair routine and which hairdos do you prefer? Are there any good hair products you want to share with us?


  1. it is amazing how you did it with short hair :) congrat :)

  2. Your hair is PERFECT after just blow drying!! :) Mine looks like id stuck my finger in a plug socket! :) The bun looks beautiful xxx

  3. Great post, loved the result.


  4. Amazing hair-tutorial, thank u!

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  5. Wow this looks fantastic!


  6. you like my bun & i love yours:)) followed<3

  7. this is just magic, you are wonderful.

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  10. Very nice post, your bun is perfect :)

  11. Wow, I never knew how to do this. Thanks for the tips.

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  12. your hair is so pretty and healthy! And the bun looks amazing :)

  13. Thanks for sharing this and all the products you use! Your hair looks amazing =)

    Love from the NaNa girls xoxo

  14. nice hair and good products!

  15. Ypu have hypnotazing and cute eyes!

  16. Jolie coiffure
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  17. Thanks for sharing!! The post I've been waiting for! Now I'll turn to eBay to find the right bun sponge! xo


  18. Ohh wow you have mention very nicely here the methods for hair straining..i love the steps and love your bun...how to do it?
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  19. schön, ich mag diese Schritt für Schritt Erklärung :)))

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