Monthly Must Haves: December

I discovered this brow kit and I found it was really great as it contains all you need for the perfect brows and only costs about 15€.
For the moment my wishlist is still quite modest but I'm sure that during the Christmas holidays I will find much more lovely and sparkling things I'll want...


Best Beauty Advent Calendars 2012

On Saturday the best time of the year begins: the Advent! To really get into the mood for Christmas you'll need 3 things: your family, an Advent wreath and an Advent calendar. For the last one I have some great tips for those of you who don't want to stick to a simple chocolate Advent calendar anymore:

Lancôme Beauty Advent Calendar 

via Selfridges 


Event: Swap in the City

On Sunday I went to Cologne to attend the "Swap in the City" event. It is a famous German clothes swap party where you take up to 8 garments and get just as many second hand pieces in return. When we arrived there we first got coupons for a free cocktail, donut and goodie bag. After handing over our old clothes we could choose between several counters and bars where people were making our hair, makeup, nails and so on. One of my friends also got a hair colour advice and they took pictures of us. After some waiting time the "swap boutique" opened and we could pick among the clothes and accessories the other people had handed over to the team. It was kind of a little bloodbath as we all know how cruel women can be when it comes to free clothes! Even if not everybody would find some new clothes they liked, it was a huge fun nevertheless.


Manic(ure) Monday: The Perfect Team

In my opinion, Kiko nail polishes and Essence glitter top coats are the perfect manicure combination. It is thus really cool that I got 2 new Essence glitter toppers for my birthday which were still waiting for me to try them out. This Monday I started off with the really girlie, fairy dust like glitter which can be worn on any nail polish you want. Next week I'll make another Essence-Kiko combination which will contain an electric Kiko blue and big Essence sequin glitter. Here is this weeks result:


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Jewellery from Argento*

Some weeks ago I was contacted by Argento and they asked me if I would be interested in an affiliate programme. Argento is a UK based online jewellery retailer which sells brands like Pandora, Thomas Sabo and more. As I hadn't been shopping at Argento so far I didn't want to start and affiliate programme without knowing anything about the products and so I asked if I could try the one or the other item. Online Marketer Lynsey Redpath was kind enough to make me choose among some products from the brand Karma and yesterday my necklace and ring arrived:


OOTD: Like a Lady

I thought I'd show you the outfit I was wearing in my Tried and Tested video yesterday and so I took some pictures which also allowed me to see how good my new Nikon 1 is when it comes to taking indoor self-timer pictures. Just as with my Nikon D3000 the quality of the pictures isn't that good because of the bad lighnting conditions so I can't wait to take some outfit pictures outdoors again to see how they will turn out.


Tried and Tested: Beauty Products Video

It's been almost 2 weeks since a first talked to you about making a video for my blog. Today I can finally post the finished video and I'm really proud, not so much of the video itself but of me, because I really dared to speak in front of the camera and publish it on my blog. I really hope that you'll enjoy my little film and I would be so glad if you could honestly tell me what you think about it or what I could improve.


Manic(ure) Monday: Kiko Glitter

I got another amazing glitter nail polish. It's perfect for the coming holidays but I couldn´t wait and had to try it already this weekend:


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Get your own blog domain for free!*

Yesterday I already told you that I got my own domain and that it was for free. Today I want to tell you who made this possible and how you can get your own free domain.


Big Update!

Today's post is a bit different from my normal posts but I think that it's still quite interesting as it contains some major news and changes! The first change is that I finally got my personal domain. After one year of blogging it was time to efface the good old "blogspot" from my address and so this place will from now on be availabe under the link: www.clothesandcamera.com but you will also automatically be redirected to the blog if you still use the old link. Doesn't that sound great? Well at least it feels great and the best part about the whole story is that it's free! I will make a more detailed post about how I got my personal domain just in case you are interested in getting one as well.


OOTD: Birthday Outfit

As you may know it was my birthday on Sunday. I celebrated with my family and for dinner we had some lovely raclette. Yesterday I celebrated with my girls from university, we went to a Mexican restaurant and had some amazing cocktails. I spent two wonderful days with the people I love and I also got so many great presents that are completely after my fancy! I will show you the presents next week and for now I'll leave you with Sunday's outfit:


Manic(ure) Monday: Mini H&M nail polish

Last summer I had bought three H&M mini nail polishes which I hadn't been using much so far. But when I was looking for a nice brown shade to match my birthday outfit I rediscovered the set. The brown is a nice chocolate shade with little golden glitter particles. It dried really well and is completely covering after two layers.


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Happy Birthday Clothes and Camera!

Yay! Today is Clothes and Camera's first blogiversary! I can't believe I've already been blogging for a whole year and I would never have thought that my little space would have that many lovely followers from all over the world by now. Blogging is still a huge pleasure to me and I love to read all of your thoughts about my posts and pictures. During the last 12 months I gained over 650 followers on GFC, over 170 followers on Bloglovin, 160 followers on Facebook, almost 100 followers on Twitter and almost 45 followers on Instagram. My blog has been visited over 31 600 times and you left me over 3300 comments. Compared to other blogs, these statistics may be rather modest but to me these numbers are huge and I can only say Thank you a thousand times for helping me get where I am today by liking, following and commenting that much. Without you all this wouldn't have been possible and I would probably have lost my enthusiasm.


New In: Beauty and Vogue

In the time before Christmas I always tend to go shopping like an insane and I think that this time has started again. So this will probably be the first "New In" post of many more to follow in the next weeks and months. Strange to say but my shopping madness seems to be focused more on beauty products than on clothes this year. Normally a visit at H&M would make me really happy but at the moment I feel more like going to Lush or Benefit...


Maison Martin Margiela x H&M: Preview

Maison Martin Margiela x H&M is probably one of the most debated H&M collections so far. Some people (mostly fans of MMM) can't wait for the collection to launch and would love to own every single piece. Other people (like me) think that this collection is rather dispensable. Of course there are some pretty pieces in this collection, like the huge white coat, the plexi heels or the candy bag. But on the other hand if you had to choose between a MMM x H&M coat for 249€ you like, and a H&M coat for 49€ you might like even better, would you go for the MMM one just because it says "Masion Martin Margiela"? What are your thoughts about this collection? Will you be waiting in a queue in front of your local H&M on 15th November or will your purse be spared this November?


OOTD: Furry Vest

Last week my Oasap bangle finally arrived and so it was time for a new outfit post. I really am in love with this piece of jewellery as it fits my wrist perfectly and looks so elegant. It is eye-catching without looking pretentious. Furthermore I also had this amazingly fluffy vest waiting to be worn. Unfortunately this lovely piece wasn't as easy to combine as I would have thought as it looked quite cheap with 90% off my other clothes. Therefore I went for really casual basics like my all time favourite Zara pants and a laid-back plaid blouse I had bought in London years ago. However I can't wait to wear the vest with a skirt or a dress some day, as well!


Manic(ure) Monday: Tulle Dress Nails

Do you remember this post where I kind of rediscovered the fact that the things you do without expectations turn out to be the best you've ever done? Well this phenomenon happened to me again. I wasn't sure how to paint my nails and was just thinking about a simple coloured french manicure when the glitter nail polish caught my eye. The result is something I call "Tulle Dress Nails" simply because the combination of transparent nail polish and a bit of glitter makes you feel like your 5 year old self disguising itself as a pretty fairy with a cute sheer tutu or don't you think so?


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My hair routine & How to make a perfect bun

Today's post will be a little mingle-mangle of a lot of hair related matters. First of all it's a post about my hair routine and thus a post showing you what I do to my hair to keep it bouncing. But then it's also a "Tried and Tested" post, including reviews about the hair products I use and about my new hair straightener. Last but not least it is also an article on my two favourite hairdos and will thus include the requested tutorial on how to make a perfect bun. Let's start off with my hair routine:


My Halloween

I hope you all had a great Halloween because I surely did. I had invited 8 girls from university and we had a really great time together, eating yummy food and watching horror films. In this post I just want to share with you some pics of the evening (and also of Wednesday evening where we carved the pumpkins) featuring my mummy-toast I'm really proud of!

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