How to throw a Halloween Party

For a great Halloween party you need 3 things: a spooky decoration, yummy food that looks disgusting and a great costume (and of course your guests but I think that if you have the 3 previous things, they will come of their own...).

1. The Costume

Finding the right costume can be quite hard. The easiest thing would be to get inspired by movies or fairytales and other stories (or by my post on Heidi Klum's Halloween costumes). Here are some various costumes I really like (all found here):

Queen from Alice in Wonderland

Wonder Woman

 Snow White

 Red Riding Hood

 Cupcake (my favorite!)

 Lady Liberty

Katy Perry

2. The Decoration

When it comes to decoration there are so many possibilities! You can either make your place look rather creepy, or you go for a more autumnal and cosy decoration or you may even make your home look really funny. However there is only one thing that shouldn´t be missing at any Halloween party namely a carved pumpkin. If the traditional pumpking face is too boring for you, you should take a look at the many adaptations over at marthastewart.com. For you I summarized the best ideas:

Find more pics and the tutorials here.

3. The Food

To find some awesome Halloween food isn't hard as the internet is full of really creative recipes. For my party tomorrow for example I'll be making sausage-fingers and mummy-toast. If you need some last minute inspiration just looks at these pics (most of the recipes are quite self-explanatory):

 orange cake

 cookies and chocolate mousse gravestones

So now we should have all we need to make our Halloween parties really lovely. I hope this was somehow helpful, even if the post may have come a bit too late... Don't forget to tell me how you are gonna spend tomorrow evening and if you have any other cool Halloween ideas feel free to share them with us!


  1. greats ideas dear!!really like it!!
    xoxo and have a nice day=)

  2. Ech feieren normalerweis keen Halloween, mee wee wees, viait goennen ech mir e klengen Drink... ;)


  3. great tips! especially like ideas for food!

  4. The cupcake costume is super cute!


  5. your blog is brimming with halloween inspirations, gosh i love them! especially the nails on the previous post.
    re: oh yes, do let me know when the bun tutorial is live. been trying to make one with my hair but not once have i succeeded, hahaa.

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  6. Verry nice post!
    Thank you for the nice comment!

  7. These are some fun ideas for throwing a Halloween party! Unfortunately it's not very known in Belgium. Enjoy your Halloween.
    Sequins in a bubble


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