Monthly Must Haves: Birthday Special

Boticca bracelet 

Tomorrow is the beginning of November and thus the beginning of my favourite month as it is my month of birth. On November 11th I'll turn 21 years young and I've already been looking forward to that day for weeks! And besides spending the day with my family and friends I'm certainly also looking forward to the presents I will get. So this post is about some things that would make me really happy on my special day (just in case one of you would want to buy me anything... haha).


How to throw a Halloween Party

For a great Halloween party you need 3 things: a spooky decoration, yummy food that looks disgusting and a great costume (and of course your guests but I think that if you have the 3 previous things, they will come of their own...).

1. The Costume

Finding the right costume can be quite hard. The easiest thing would be to get inspired by movies or fairytales and other stories (or by my post on Heidi Klum's Halloween costumes). Here are some various costumes I really like (all found here):

Queen from Alice in Wonderland


Manic(ure) Monday: Bloody Nails

What does every nailista need two days before Halloween? Right! Spooky nails. When browsing the internet for inspirations I found some really amazing Halloween manicures that I will also show you at the end of this post. However I felt I was not that talented so I chose the easiest manicure: bloody nails. All you need is a nice red nail polish and another colour you feel will express the spooky mood. I chose a simple white as a base to make the "blood" really eye-catching. I also found this tutorial on bloody nails where they used a toothpick so I tried to use one at the beginning but then I found out that for beginners it will be much easier to simply use the thinner part of the nail polish brush. But of course you may do however you like it best.


Cooking Made Easy: Mushroom Toast

Tonight I have another quick and easy recipe that you can easily transform into a low calorie, healthy meal by replacing the toast by toasted whole-grain bread.


Makeup I'm Currently Using

Today's post has been in my head for ages but now I'm finally writing it. I thought I would be a nice idea to make a "make-up I use" post in order to show you which products I trust in and use on a daily base. It should also be a little help for those of you who haven't found their ideal make-up products yet. We all know that out there millions of mascaras, foundations, eyeliners,... exist and finding the one that's best for you isn't always easy. It would also be really great if you could leave the names of your favourite products as a comment under this post, like this there will be the possibility for me and for you to discover new products of which we know that someone out there appreciates them.


Manic(ure) Monday: Let it snow?

Ok I must admit that I might be a bit to early with today's manicure. In fact I didn't know it would end up looking like this when I had the idea... But who knows? Maybe it will be snowing in a few weeks and then you will be glad I already showed you this winter wonder manicure.


My Week on Instagram

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Inspiration: Autumn Decoration

Are you already in the mood for autumn? How do you decorate your home and how do you prepare for Halloween?


OOTD: Berry Shades

Today I felt like wearing burgundy and mauve, and I also felt a bit sporty... I loved the famous burgundy together with the mauve shade of my skirt but I'm looking forward to wearing this jumper with other colours as well so tell me what would you combine it with?


Inspiration: Dark is the new Black

Colours have been a big deal all summer long, from neon yellow to pastel rose, we've seen everything. But when it gets darker outside, people also tend to dress according to the weather. However this doesn't mean that you need to banish all colours from your closet for the following months, all you have to do is buy them in a darker nuance. Combined with all black pieces, this trend will appeal to the dark siders just as to the candy cotton girls. By the way, this trend loves leather and camouflage! Just get inspired by the following lookbookers:


Manic(ure) Monday: I've got the blues

I've been wearing a lot of blue clothes lately and that's why I decided to adapt my nails to my outfits using two lovely blue shades from my Oktoberfest nailpolishes.


Cooking Made Easy: Jamie Oliver

I'm a huge Jamie Oliver fan, especially the Jamie at Home episodes are really lovely to watch because they include not only cooking but also gardening and I love the house the series was filmed in. This morning I watched some episodes and they included really mouth-watering recipes like an asparagus and potato tart. I found the recipe on the Internet and will now copy it for you. As soon as my Jamie at Home cookbook (which I ordered earlier) arrives, I might provide you with one or two other recipes!


FOTD: Sunset

This evening I am going to a little housewarming party and I just wanted to show you my make-up for that occasion. It´s really simple but for my eyes I got inspired by a sunset using pink, orange/golden and white eyeshadow. Like it?


OOTD: Back to School

Yesterday my courses at university started again after 3 months of summer break. In my Manic(ure) Monday post you could already see a few details of my back to school outfit but now I want to show it to you completely, especially because it contains some of my latest new ins like for example my velvet Deichmann boots.


Manicu(ure) Monday: Oktoberfest nail polish

As promised last week I tried out my Oktoberfest nail polishes. The application was quite easy even though I hate it when the brushes are so small and thin. The nail polish did also dry quite well but of course I managed to ruin two of the nails within the first 30 minutes nevertheless... The really difficult thing about these nail polishes is indeed to choose a colour to start off with!


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Fashion Week Special: Accessories IV

And now that also the Paris Fashion Week has come to an end, I can finally post the last part of my  accessorie-series. In this post you will thus see the hats, scarves, shoes,... presented in Paris and at the end of the images I will also try to make a little summary on what will be trendy in spring/summer 2013.

1. Accessorie:


Tried and Tested: Rings and Things*

Back when I hosted my Rings and Things giveaway, I was not only offered a 10% Rings and Things discount code (stylecard10), but also some jewels to write a review about. The freebies arrived last week and now that I'm back from Munich I will tell you a bit about them.


New In

Special Oktoberfest nail polishes from Douglas


One Week in Munich

So I'm finally back from my little trip to Munich. Before sharing the pictures with you I wanted to thank you for all the comments I got while I was away, especially your understanding for my Big Beauty post made me really happy. Also a lot of you told me that they dream of going to the Oktoberfest one day, too so I hope that these pics will be inspiring and interesting for you:


Manic(ure) Monday: Asos Nail Wraps

This time I don't have a manicure for you as I'm still in Munich but therefore I found some lovely nail wraps at Asos that are worth to take a look at!

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