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Today's post is a bit more personal as it is based on an article that made me happy and angry at the same time. How can that be? Well, let me tell you the story: There is a German magazine I used to read, Jolie, and this magazine also has a website: jolie.de. Sometimes I visit the website to read about the latest fashion news and to check out the outfits of the users (which you can upload there). Unfortunately most of the users seem to be really, and I mean REALLY superficial. Instead of accepting that everybody has an individual style, they keep on criticizing every posted look. What has this got to do with said article? Well it was an article about "fashion for curvy girls", something that I found really interesting to read. And now what happens when superficial girls meet curvy girls? Exactly, more criticism! There were the pictures of these really pretty and stylish girls and 90% of all the user comments under the pics were stupid, superficial and needless. I mean I accept that some people think that skinnier girls are prettier and I also understand that some people don't see the aesthetic of the newest trends but if someone says that an outfit is ugly just because it's worn by a curvier girl then that makes me really angry and sad! As I know that my readers are open to eccentric styles and that they support me even though I'm not a skinny blogger, I decided to show you the pics from the article plus some more of my favourite plus size bloggers and see what your opinions are.

 Franceta from Frantic Dreams

Georgina from Cupcake's Clothes

Stephanie from Le blog de big beauty

Lu from Lu zieht an 

 Nadia from Nadia Aboulhosn

Sakina from Saks in the City

Rebecca from the plus side of me


If you speak German you can read the article (and the stupid reader comments) here. Now please tell me your honest opinion about these pics and curvier girls or maybe just curvier bloggers in general.


  1. Wow these girls have such great sense of style!
    And I agree, people sometimes can be really stupid and as like you said- superficial! Shame on them!


  2. I support them!Beuty comes in diferent forms!

  3. I am sorry that the general response to that article was so negative and made you upset (rightfully so). The fashion world could really work on being more accepting. In my opinion, fashion is ALL about trying out new things... I would still be wearing nothing but American Eagle like I did in Jr. High if I hadn't been exposed to "more eccentric" ways of dressing and had more confidence to try new things. Think how boring the world would be if we all still wore T-shirts with the brand stamped across the front! I am very glad you posted this. Your blog is lovely, as are you ;).

  4. WOW those girls have an amazing sense of style!
    I have to take a look at their blogs :)


  5. The idea of making such a post is great. Love it :)


  6. To be true.. I found their sense of style to be apt and beautiful.. some of the outfits are practical and not the versions that those superficial people wear just for their outfit posts.. I actually totally agree with you.. style is for everyone...:)


  7. I think that they look great and radiate self-confidence. Beauty does come from the inside and it is reflected on the outside.

  8. i am happy that i am not alone who is bigger :)

  9. Love the curvy-licious bloggers!
    So cute!!!
    Came here blog hopping and liked your blog!
    Do drop by my blog sometime.
    And do follow via GFC & FB, if you like and let me know with a comment! :)

  10. I can´t believe it! I think that all girls can wear beautiful clothes to be trendy!

    check it out : http://tanaltocomoquieras.blogspot.com.es/


  11. Meiner Meinung nach sollte es überhaupt nicht erwähnenswert sein, dass diese Frauen kurvig sind - jeder sollte Bloggen können, ohne dass die Figur dabei eine Rolle spielt. :)
    Dein Post gefällt mir richtig gut, danke für's Teilen!

    Liebe Grüße, Saritschka.

  12. Sometimes people are mean! These girls are amazing and stylish and they should't make stupid comments! It was really concerning of you to share this! Curves are sexy!



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