Monthly Must Haves: October

While I was quite modest last month, I will have even more expenses in October. With ADR at H&M but also with all the lovely fall 2012 pieces, I just can't say no to shopping! The bordeaux H&M bag and the purple Deichmann shoes are my favourites but the new Essence products are really interesting as well and I will certainly write the one or the other review about them.


Big Beauty

Tanesha from Girl with curves 

Today's post is a bit more personal as it is based on an article that made me happy and angry at the same time. How can that be? Well, let me tell you the story: There is a German magazine I used to read, Jolie, and this magazine also has a website: jolie.de. Sometimes I visit the website to read about the latest fashion news and to check out the outfits of the users (which you can upload there). Unfortunately most of the users seem to be really, and I mean REALLY superficial. Instead of accepting that everybody has an individual style, they keep on criticizing every posted look. What has this got to do with said article? Well it was an article about "fashion for curvy girls", something that I found really interesting to read. And now what happens when superficial girls meet curvy girls? Exactly, more criticism! There were the pictures of these really pretty and stylish girls and 90% of all the user comments under the pics were stupid, superficial and needless. I mean I accept that some people think that skinnier girls are prettier and I also understand that some people don't see the aesthetic of the newest trends but if someone says that an outfit is ugly just because it's worn by a curvier girl then that makes me really angry and sad! As I know that my readers are open to eccentric styles and that they support me even though I'm not a skinny blogger, I decided to show you the pics from the article plus some more of my favourite plus size bloggers and see what your opinions are.


Going to the Oktoberfest

While you read this I'm probably having lunch in Munich, one of Germany's biggest cities and home of the Oktoberfest. The Oktoberfest is a 16-day festival held from late September to the first weekend in October. It is one of the most famous events in Germany and is the world's largest fair with more than 6 million people from around the world attending the event every year. This year I'm lucky enough to be part of this huge event thanks to a friend of mine who studies in Munich and invited me down there. In order to show you what the traditional clothes of the Oktoberfest look like I arranged a little collage:

 1. Sweet Deluxe via Zalando
2. Nicola Fichtel via yousefy
3. L.Credi
4. German Princess via myClassico
5. Triumph
6. Sweet Deluxe via Zalando
7. Stockerpoint
8. s.Oliver
9. Tiffany & Co.

Have you already heard about the Oktoberfest or have you ever been there? Would you wear a dirndl (number 4)?


Fashion Week Special: Accessories III

And here are the accessories from the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Milano.

1. Accessorie:


Manic(ure) Monday: Blue Glitter

Last week I already told you that I got two nail polishes at the funfair and now it's time to try the second one, a blue glitter nail polish:


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Fashion Week Special: Accessories II

So here are the promised accessorie pics from the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in London:

1. Accessorie:

2. Accessorie:

3. Accessorie:

4. Accessorie:

5. Accessorie:

6. Accessorie:

Next week the pics from the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Milano will follow.


Fashion Week Special: Accesories I

As everybody knows it's the time of the fashion weeks. I've been unsure whether to write about the shows or not because it's a lot of work to select the looks you like but mainly also because I think it's rather boring to simply see the pics of the shows on 100 blogs when you could also look at them once on Vogue online or so. Therefore I decided to make a Fashion Week Special about only the accessories shown on the runway. I'll start of with the NYFW, then go over to the LondonFW, MilanFW and finally to the ParisFW. I will not talk about the Berlin Fashion Week because I dedicated several posts to it already (read them here and here).

1. Accessorie:


Free glasses, anyone?*

No I'm not hosting another giveaway but it is true, you can get free glasses. Interested? It's the online shop Firmoo that makes it possible. They are selling glasses and sunglasses (with or without presciption) and they decided to give every new customer their first (sun)glasses for free. All you have to pay is the shipping. Nice isn't it? And now what would you say if you could get the glasses completely for free, without even paying the shipping? That's possible, too but only if you are a blogger and that's why Firmoo contacted me. As I was still quite satisfied with my good old Ray Ban glasses, I decided to buy a new pair of sunnies as the ones shown in this post didn't survive my holidays... It was really hard to choose a pair of sunglasses on Firmoo as they are having some really nice frames but to be honest I like it rather simple when it comes to sunnies and so I decided to take a pair of men's sunglasses!


Manic(ure) Monday: Red, Redder, Mercedes Red

Do you remember the Mercedes-Benz nail polish my boyfriend gave me quite a time ago? I still hadn't tested it until today but I must say that it's a really cool shade. Normally I'm not so much into simple red shades but this one is so bright and eye-catching, just as the Mercedes cars themselves. I combined it with a nail polish that I got at the fun fair, yes you heard right! It was one of the little prizes you could get when playing some of these funny games and eventhough it's propably only worth a few cent I liked the colour. I also got another nail polish there which I'll show you in my next manicure post. But now I'll show you my NOTD:


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New In: Fall Shopping

A few days ago I went shopping with my mum and my sister, which I hadn't done in ages. We went to H&M and of course I couldn't resist buying something but now I'm really armed for fall. Furthermore my boyfriend's mother brought me a really nice souvenir from her holidays in Spain namely a Desigual bag! Normally I don't like the stuff at Desigual, it reminds me too much of aunts and primary school teachers... BUT this bag is indeed really cute and perfect for fall as well.

DIVIDED by H&M - 34,95€


News from ADR at H&M

Some days ago I posted the Fashion Shower video but today I have something even better for you: detailed pics of the whole ADR at H&M collection plus the prices!


Event: Luxembourg's Funfair

Luxembourg's most famous funfair, the "Schueberfouer", is one of the biggest of its kind in Europe and has about 2 million visitors. During the last weeks it was time again for this event and of course I couldn't miss it (I've been there every year since I can remember). Here are a few pics in order to give you one reason to visit my little country one day:


DIY Tea Bags

As you might know I'm hosting a nice giveaway at the moment and you can gain one entry for telling me why you read my blog. Now a lot of people already told me that they come back for my DIYs which of course I appreciate a lot and that´s also why today I have another DIY for you. I found this cute little tutorial over at one of my all time favourite blogs A Beautiful Mess and it's about making tea bags, the perfect present for all tea lovers. As my mum is one of these tea lovers and as it was her birthday (yes, her birthday, too!) last Monday I decided to make them for her:


OOTD: Daddy's Birthday

On Sunday we celebrated my dad's 50th birthday and now I want to share with you my OOTD and some pics of the party.


Manic(ure) Monday: Lights in the Wood

Sometimes when you do something without expecting anything you get the best result. That was also the case with today's manicure. I wanted to use my glitter nail polish but then I thought that it was also time to use the cracking one again. Not being able to decide which one to use I simply applied both (what would have been the worst case that could have happened? - Right, simply having to remove the whole thing!). But the result was far from being bad, quite the contrary: this manicure turned out to be my absolute favourite! But take a look at it yourself:


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Fashion Shower

Have you already seen Anna Dello Russo and H&M's Fashion Shower video? It is really crazy and colourful, just as Anna herself, and contains her 10 fashion lessons:

1. Fashion is a declaration of your own freedom.
2. Between style and fashion? Absolutely Fashion!
3. Fashion is always uncomfortable. If you feel comfortable, you never get the look.
4. Fabulous at any age.
5. Wearing night clothes in a day time is unexpected.
6. Somebody wearing your same outfit? Wonderful, you did the right choice!
7. You must wear outfit once!
8. Wear coat as a dress.
9. It doesn't matter the size of your body, fashion flatters everything.
10. Fashion jewels personalize your style.


OOTD: Pastel and Fringe

As you can see in the pics we had a really sunny day in my hometown. How is the weather in your country?


Lanvin for Ladurée

Who of you loves macaroons? And who loves Alber Elbaz' creations? Here is the must have for everybody who answered with "yes" twice: a set of Ladurée macaroons designed by Lanvin. This lovely box will be available in Paris from 25th September and in the US, Great Britain and Japan from the 28th September. Wish I could go to Paris at the end of this month but I already booked a flight to Munich!


Cooking made easy: Coconut macaroons

Ingredients for 50 macaroons:

4 egg white
1 pinch of salt
1 sachet vanilla sugar
70g sugar
70g powdered sugar
3 tablespoons lime juice
250g desiccated coconut
2 teaspoons lime zest
1 teaspoon cornstarch
50 paper wafers


Manic(ure) Monday: Accent Stripes

I'm back with a really simple manicure today and here is how to do it:


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