Manic(ure) Monday: Tried and Tested: p2

Recently I bought some new p2 products and as they are all about manicure why not write a review about them on Manic(ure) Monday?

1. Soft Nail Polish Remover (with passion fruit oil and tangerine fragrance, acetone-free)

This nail polish remover has a nice special namely a pump for a perfect dosage. I've never had something like this before but I must say that it's really useful. The only bad thing about it is that you have to open the bottle entirely to use the nail polish remover on cotton swabs which I often do.

For the rest the nail polish is really effective and even if the smell isn't as nice as the one of this nail polish remover, you can smell the tangerine fragrance.

2. Professional File for Brittle Nails

My nails always tend to chip and that's why I decided to buy this special file for brittle nails. Despite its fine grain size it's a bit rougher than normal sand files but still does its job without problems. I couldn't say whether my nails have become less brittle or not because I'm not using only this file to shorten them. But if you are really interested in the result I could use only this one for a while and tell you the result.

3. Pro White Pen (with lavender fragrance)

- suitable for artificial nails
- paraben-free
- dermatologically tested

I really like this pen as it is perfect for days where you don't want to use any nail polish. It smells really lovely and whitens your nails within seconds. All you have to do is to apply the liquid and your nails will get a lovely violet gleam that lasts for days!

4.  Nail Hardener Pen (with jasmine fragrance)

- paraben-free

Again a nice smell and a great effect. The hardener pen can be applied as often as you think your nails need it but from the first application your nails will be stronger and little cracks in your nails will disappear.

P.S.: Back when I bought this nail hardener pen it was still called Calcium Biotin Pen and had a Green Tea fragrance but I think that the effect should be about the same.

5. Nailpolish Thinner

So far I only used the thinner once but I couldn't see a big result. I think it's because I only used 2-3 drops while you have to see how many drops you need for which nail polish. I've heard from other girls that the thinner works really good then so just experiment a bit.

So these where my p2 products. I'm really satisfied and I think they are perfect for a manicure-maniac like me. Unfortunately p2 is just available in Germany and Austria. Do you know other brands that sell pens like these or what do you use to keep your nails strong and healthy-looking?


  1. Nice Products ,love the p2 Nail Polish Remover :)


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  4. I've never heard of P2 but it looks like good stuff! Too bad it isn't available in the states :(

  5. Wow that nail polish remover seems amazing! and sounds like it smells good :)


  6. Nice post, you have a lovely blog!


  7. That nail polish remover bottle looks so convenient!

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  10. Great post, dear!


  11. i never heard of some of these products, but they sounds cool!
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