Holiday Countdown: Packing

how to pack matching outfit to go on holidays

The packing of your suitcase can be quite hard, especially when you have a lot of clothes made of delicate cloth that crumples quite easy. Therefore the right order of packing is quite important.

The right order

First put the heavier items on the bottom of your suitcase. These may be bath towels, jeans or simply shirts that don't crumple easy. If you don't have a suitcase with two separate parts you could also put your shoes on the bottom but I tend to put them on the sides. Then you go over to the lighter cloths, things that are really delicate should be on top of the whole clothes. Don't forget to leave some space for your toilet bag. The socks and underwear are perfect to fill empty spaces.

Matching outfits

I think it's quite important to put your outfits together before going on holidays rather than taking everything with you, you think might be worn one day. Don't take needless stuff but don't save on shirts or things you would normally change every day either. Here is what I put together:

On holidays I will try to take as many outfit pictures as possible! I hope you liked my three Holiday Countdown posts, I prepared some other posts for you that will be posted automatically while I'm on holidays so my blog doesn't become too boring for you guys. And I am also proud to tell you that today we reached the 400 followers! This is really really cool and I want to thank you so much for this. Of course I can't make a giveaway at the moment and that's why I decided to wait with the giveaway until I reached 100 followers on my Facebook page so keep on liking! If possible I will also try to keep you updated on my holidays with nice Instagram pictures so there's another reason to follow me on Facebook or Twitter or simply follow me on Instagram (@clothesandcamera)!

See you in August!


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  2. You're so organized. Love the neon shoes. Have a great time.

  3. amazing items!


  4. So true, it's always smart to plan outfits rather than take everything, that you may not even end up using. I always try to follow that principle, but now I'm moving from New York to Europe for good and I really have to pack everything! Ha. Have fun on your holiday!


  5. very pretty prints! Thanks so much for sharing the handy tips !!

  6. Pretty looking clothes and sandals..! Your post makes me want to go vacation soon! xo akiko
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  10. Have an amaizing time doll! On this holidays collect MOMENTS not Things! much love and the best of luck!

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