Holiday Countdown: At the airport

As I'll be flying to Portugal I decided to make the second Holiday Countdown post about the most difficult part about most peoples holidays namely the few hours at the airport. There are many things to think about for example "What may I take with me in my hand luggage?" or "What is the ideal outfit for the flight?".

The outfit

Your outfit should be several things at once: cosy, useful and convertible. Cosy because you'll be sitting for several hours so better no skinny jeans, useful because high heels are not the best to run to the right terminal and convertible because in most situations it is wet at home, cold in the plane and excessively hot on your arrival. Here is what I chose to wear: 

1 Orsay bag
2 golden flats
3 H&M leggings
4 H&M short-sleeved trench
5 ice watch
6 Vero Moda sheer blouse
7 H&M top

The bag

Nowadays even the content of our bags is a critical subject. No liquids and no sharp articles which means no sharp nail files, no perfume, no deodorant, no liquid make-up,... Of course you can take liquids with you if they are in a bottle with less than 100mL and if this bottle is in a zipper bag but honestly I didn´t want to have to care about such things and so I packed an airport friendly bag:

1 H&M scarf
2 iPhone with Rabito case
3 Hello Kitty pen
4 Prada inspired sunnies
5 Essence make-up bag used as a passport holder
6 iPod
7 Longchamp purse
8 Maybelline pressed powder
9 Grazia and Glamour magazines

That was it for today's Holiday Countdown. I hope that this was helpful. Don't forget to tell me where you are going on holidays and whether you'll be flying or not.


  1. Aw, you're coming to Portugal? That's great!
    I'm from Portugal and I get all excited when people come to my country ahahahah!
    I hope you enjoy your holiday!
    Love the Orsay bag! :)

  2. wow I love Portugal.
    This year Im going to Croatia but Im not going to fly :)
    btw nice blog, can we follow each ? :)

  3. cute bag and have a nice holiday, dear!
    blogwalking here and find your cute blog. mind to follow each others? ^^


  4. Perfect outfit for a flight, dear and the bag is lovely!




  5. I find on your blog basic ideas and well achieved.

  6. Hey :)
    Would you like to follow each other?


  7. perfect dear!love portugal hehe..
    good holidays!!

  8. hope you have a great trip !!

  9. amazing post dear!
    Love your style and your blog!
    I would like to invite you enter my Shop Bones Giveaway, you can win an amazing dress!

    Btw, following you! Hope you'll follow me back! <3


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