Monthly Must Haves: August

I think that I'll spend this month entirely in my local H&M! I know that I may be a bit too H&M focused but honestly... look at these pieces and tell me how can you resist?!


Manic(ure) Monday: Inspirations

At the moment I'm still on holidays which means that I couldn't do a new manicure but therefore I collected for you my favourite manicure inspirations. Have fun!


OPI Germany Collection

From left to right:  'Don‘t Pretzel My Buttons', 'My Very First Knockwurst', 'Berlin There Done That', 'Don’t Talk Bach To Me', 'Nein! Nein! Nein! OK Fine!', 'Unfor-greta-bly Blue', 'Every Month Is Oktoberfest', 'Suzi & The 7 Düsseldorfs', 'Deutsche You Want Me Baby?', 'Danke-Shiny Red', 'German-icure by OPI' and 'Schnapps Out Of It!'


New In: More H&M Sale

Before going on holidays I quickly went to H&M to buy white shorts as I really needed a new pair. Of course I couldn't just only buy those shorts but I also had to take the lovely kimono, the crazily cheap skirt and some new nail polish. Could you grab some bargains during the last days of sale and if yes, what did you get?


Manic(ure) Monday: Holiday Nails

When I go on holidays I don't paint my nails with funny designs but I simply choose one colour (or two if we also talk about the feet) and apply it as good as I can and hope that it will stay for the one or two weeks I'm away. This time I won't only hope but also take the nail polish with me but the point is that I don't want to make a big manicure change on holidays and that's why I had to choose 2 colours among my many nail polishes and here is what I chose:


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Holiday Countdown: Packing

how to pack matching outfit to go on holidays

The packing of your suitcase can be quite hard, especially when you have a lot of clothes made of delicate cloth that crumples quite easy. Therefore the right order of packing is quite important.


Holiday Countdown: At the airport

As I'll be flying to Portugal I decided to make the second Holiday Countdown post about the most difficult part about most peoples holidays namely the few hours at the airport. There are many things to think about for example "What may I take with me in my hand luggage?" or "What is the ideal outfit for the flight?".

The outfit

Your outfit should be several things at once: cosy, useful and convertible. Cosy because you'll be sitting for several hours so better no skinny jeans, useful because high heels are not the best to run to the right terminal and convertible because in most situations it is wet at home, cold in the plane and excessively hot on your arrival. Here is what I chose to wear: 


Holiday Countdown: Tanned skin

Today I will start a Holiday Countdown. I'll be going on holidays on Saturday and that's why I planned 3 days of useful posts for people having planned a little trip during the summer months. Today's post will be about how to get and keep tanned skin in a healthy and natural way:


Before going on holidays you can already prepare your skin for a nice tan. The only thing you have to do is to use a scrub which will remove dead skin cells. Like this only your "new" skin will be tanned and the effect will thus last longer.


While sunbathing it is extremely important to use the right amount of suncream with the right SPF! For the whole body you will need about 25 mL in order to make the SPF count. You should use anothe layer of cream every second hour and after swimming (even with waterproof cream!). Between 11:00 AM and 2:00 PM you shouldn't be in the sun at all. I won't talk about the right SPF because it changes from person to person and from place to place where your are staying. Furthermore SPF 30 isn't the same for Europe and the USA so you'd better check the internet for tests that will help you find your ideal SPF. Such things as "sun block" don't exist which means that every sun cream lets through sunbeam which again means that your skin will be tanned with every cream and every SPF!

Make it last

Back home all you have to do is to regularly use a nice greasy body lotion. Aftersun won't be enough to keep the tan, it´s just for the immediate moisture supply after sunbathing. If you don't have a good lotion you can also make a little body mask out of an avocado and curd cheese. And believe it or not but eating carrots is supposed to keep the tan as well!

I hope that this was helpful and I'm curious to know where you guys are going on holidays!


OOTD: Oasap clutch

My second freebie from Oasap is this AMAZING clutch! I don't just love the colour but also the fact that it is big enough to hold my huge wallet... Furthermore you can wear it in your hand, with a little strap or with a long chain so I would say the most useful clutch in the world!


Manic(ure) Monday: Tried and Tested: p2

Recently I bought some new p2 products and as they are all about manicure why not write a review about them on Manic(ure) Monday?


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New In: Guess Bracelet

I know I just made a "New In" post 2 days ago but I just had to show you what my most amazing boyfriend got me today:


New In: Sale!

 H&M shorts, 5€ instead of 14,95€


Berlin Fashion Week (Part II)

The promised second part of the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin inspirations:



Manic(ure) Monday: No Place like Chrome

Some of you may already have seen pictures of it on Instagram or Facebook but now here it is in HQ shots: my new favourite nail polish "No Place like Chrome" (I love this name!). It's from the Essie mirror metallics collection which means that it wasn't really cheap but I must say it was worth the money.


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Cooking made easy: Tuna Sandwich

Today I have a premiere for you... It's the first recipe posted here on Clothes and Camera! I've been wanting to do this for quite a while but I didn't want to bore your with long and difficult cookbook recipes and that's why I'll just share with you some really easy and light recipes that are perfect for the current season. I don't know if some of my readers consider this blog as a pure fashion blog but I think that by now you could have guessed it's not. It's a fashion and lifestyle blog featuring everything that is interesting enough to be in front of my camera (thus the name Clothes and Camera). What I want to say is that I just hope you enjoy this new little category on my blog so don't forget the feedback!


Berlin Fashion Week

Yesterday the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin was launched and so I decided to show you some of my favourite outfits from the first shows:



OOTD: Maxi makes my day

I've been owning this maxi dress for months and today I could finally wear it. Do you like how I combined it? How do you usually wear your maxi dresses or skirts?



As some of my earlier readers may know I absolutely want to have a tattoo and maybe maybe I will get one in autumn! Until then I'll leave you with my favourite inspiration pics.


Manic(ure) Monday: Sunset

As a lot of you guys seemed to like the spongy effect nails I decided to try another nail style with my little sponges and here is the result plus the tutorial:

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