Event: Lush VIP Breakfast

lush vip breakfast bonn

I first came in contact with Lush products when I moved to Bonn because we have a nice little Lush shop here. This morning this shop organized a VIP Breakfast where some girls had the chance to try all the products they wanted and had the shop for themselves for about 2 hours. The staff was really friendly and competent and the atmosphere was very pleasant. After a vegan breakfast we were spoiled with masks and peelings, just like real VIPs. When leaving the store I felt really good and happy and I kept smelling like a yummy fruit cocktail for the whole day so it was definately worth to get up so early this morning. Here are the pictures of the event and also some snapshots of what I bought or got for free:

lush vip breakfast bonn

lush vip breakfast bonn

lush vip breakfast bonn

lush vip breakfast bonn

lush vip breakfast bonn

What I bought:

Tea Tree Water (face water)

Coral Face (face soap)

What I got for free:

No Drought Dry Shampoo sample

Full of Grace (face serum)

Whip Stick (lip balm) and Latte (lip tint)

Of course I will wirte a review as soon as I fully tested the products and then I will also tell you more about LUSH and it's handmade/vegan philosophy.

And now I want to ask you if you use Lush products or if you even could recommend me a product. Have you already attended such a Lush event or is this brand rather unknown in your country?


  1. Wow, lovely lush event! You lucky girl! ^_^. Breakfast looks nice and you looking lovely plus love the eye make up. Great haul too ^_^

    ♥Crazy Pop Lock♥

  2. love ur pretty makeup!! :)

  3. Another great blog post! :-) I really like it! Looking forward to your next one! Have a great day.



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