Facts about: H&M

You guys are probably wondering what this post will be about, aren't you? Well I decided to write some posts about our favourite stores, telling you where they originate, what their names stand for, how eco-friendly their clothes are,... And I'll start off with H&M:

Origin: Sweden
Founded by: Erling Persson in 1947
Name: "Hennes & Mauritz" (hennes is Swedish for "hers" as initially they only sold womens clothes)
Stores: about 2,500 stores spread across 44 markets
Other brands: The H&M Group includes H&M and H&M Home as well as COS, Monki, Weekday and Cheap Monday.
Eco friendliness: H&M is the biggest user of organic cotton in the world but we must not forget that mass production can never be 100% eco-friendly and that H&M still uses chemicals to bleach it's clothes.
Charity: "All for children" (collaboration with UNICEF) or "H&M for Water" (donations to sustainable water projects)
Online Storewww.hm.com
Read more about H&M here

Hope you liked this kind of post. Are there any things you didn't know about H&M yet? Which store should I write about next?


  1. Thanks for sahring.I always wanted to know more about them but for some reasons I never check it.

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  4. Interesting! Great post.


  5. Awesome post, I didn't know too much about H&M only that I shop like mad when I'm overseas at one of their stores LOL! Thanks for posting about their eco friendly ways, that, for me is always a plus in my book and will probably make me more inclined to choose them over other chains now!

    Thanks for the awesome post gorgeous, a big thank you for the follow too!
    Hope you're having the most sublime weekend!

  6. one thing that really got me drawn into H&M are their colaborations! Marni X H&M was a total drop dead sell-out. wish I could get a piece though. they are splendid.


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  7. Very interesting post, I love to read this kind of post thank you !


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