Monthly Must Haves: July

Here are my monthly must haves. I hope I will get my hands on some of the pieces from these lovely Essence collections that will launch these months. What are you currently coveting?

Senso via Solestruck


New In: Orsay Babies

Usually I don't shop at Orsay but yesterday I saw this lovely transparent bag in their display window and I just had to enter the shop to examine it. As I was looking for a similar bag for quite a time I decided to buy it and while waiting for a friend who tried on a pair of jeans, I found this other amazing bag. It was just as lovely as the Mango one I showed you in this post but it had a nicer colour and was 20€ cheaper. So there were these two bags, both amazingly beautiful and both being coveted for quite a time. Had I any other choice than buying both of them?


Tried and Tested: Lush

As you may know I went to the LUSH VIP Breakfast event last week (read the post here) and bought some really nice stuff. By now I had the time to test it all an so I want to share my experiences with you:

1. Tea Tree Water

- nice lemon smell
- awesome cooling effect
- cleans your face without leaving this sensation of tightness in the skin
conclusion: one of my favourite Lush products, stored in the fridge it will be your best friend for summer


Manic(ure) Monday: Spongy Ombre

In this post I already showed you one possibility to apply the ombre trend to the nails and here is the second method. All you need is:

-white nail polish
-coloured nail polish of your choice
-little sponge


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Haven't I Seen You Somewhere Before?

My last designer dupe post seemed to be quite popular so I decided to make another one. While shopping or browsing the internet I held my eyes open and kept looking for pieces that looked like famous designer pieces and here is what I found:


Event: Lush VIP Breakfast

lush vip breakfast bonn

I first came in contact with Lush products when I moved to Bonn because we have a nice little Lush shop here. This morning this shop organized a VIP Breakfast where some girls had the chance to try all the products they wanted and had the shop for themselves for about 2 hours. The staff was really friendly and competent and the atmosphere was very pleasant. After a vegan breakfast we were spoiled with masks and peelings, just like real VIPs. When leaving the store I felt really good and happy and I kept smelling like a yummy fruit cocktail for the whole day so it was definately worth to get up so early this morning. Here are the pictures of the event and also some snapshots of what I bought or got for free:


News about Shoes: Flatform Shoes

Shoes with the height of platforms and the comfort of flats: flatforms. I've seen the shoes on more and more places recently and so I thought I'd make a post about them and see what you think about them. In fact they already appeared in the Chanel and Prada Spring/Summer 2011 shows but now they seem to become suitable for daily use:


New In

In fact I only went to H&M to return a pair of shoes I had ordered but as they are having sales at the moment I just had to take a look at their clothes and so I left the store with 3 new pieces... I don't think that the sales are a good think as I always end up buying the new stuff that isn't reduced yet and so I also now just bought one marked down item which were the shorts. The beauty prodcuts are all from DM, one of Germany's most popular drugstores. I buy nearly all my lotions, creams and make-up products there and I will definatley write a review about their products soon.


Manic(ure) Monday: Easy Aztec

Real aztec print nails are quite hard to paint. You need a lot of colours, several different patterns and most of all a lot of patience. Therefore I chose to try a lite version which all of you can easily try. All you need is two colours, scissors and sticky tape:


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Illustrated Editorial by Artist Jo Bird

I am truly in love with these illustrations by Artist Jo Bird and I wish I was better at painting. Do you like them?


OOTD: Flower Power

I bought this corset some time ago but today i felt like wearing it again. What do you think? 


Facts about: Gina Tricot

Name: Gina Tricot AB
Origin: Sweden
Founded in: 1997
Stores: 160 stores in 5 countries (Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark and Germany)
Products: Really fashionable clothes with the typically Swedish simplicity.
Fanpage: Facebook
Online Shop: ginatricot.com ships to Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Germany and newly also to the following European countries:


New Designer Collaborations

There are two new designer collaborations I want to talk about, the one is Richard Nicoll for Topshop and the other (still being a rumor) is Martin Margiela for H&M.

Manic(ure) Monday: Girlish Neon

Yesterday I tried my new nail polish which is a neon pink from Flormar. As it is a really girlish shade I decided to add some glitter to make the manicure perfect. Instead of applying the glitter nail polish directly I applied it to a piece of sticky tape which I cut into small stripes:


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OOTD: Celebrating

Yesterday we celebrated a friend's birthday and after pre-partying at her house we went to a club. I hope your Friday night was just as nice as mine but as I'm really tired I will leave you at these pictures and go watch SATC!


New In

This week started off with a really nice packet I got, namely the Versace for H&M scarf I won at the giveaway over at Savvy Spice. And she didn't only send me the scarf but also some sweets and a H&M coupon and she left me a really cute note:


News about Shoes: See-Through Shoes

I ordered these boots with transparent details from H&M but I'm still not sure whether I should keep them because they are really high and I look quite awkward when walking in them... However I selected some more see-through shoes that you might like for yourself.


OOTD: Oasap Shoes

Today I can finally talk about my second collaboration with an online shop and as you can already guess it's with Oasap. The first freebie I chose and now want to show you are these awesome peep toe wedges:


Manic(ure) Monday: Watercolour Nails

What you'll need:
- a white nail polish
- 3-5 strong and vivid nail polishes such as pink, turquoise, red,...
- clear nail polish
- nail polish remover
- a paint brush
- one large or several small plates


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Facts about: H&M

You guys are probably wondering what this post will be about, aren't you? Well I decided to write some posts about our favourite stores, telling you where they originate, what their names stand for, how eco-friendly their clothes are,... And I'll start off with H&M:

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