Tried and Tested: Yves Rocher (Part II)

If you read my other "Tried and Tested" post about Yves Rocher then you surely know how satisfied I was with the products. That's why I bought some other stuff and now I finally found the time to write a review about it.

Scrub with apricot pits

Yves Rocher Verwöhn Peeling aprikose gesichtspeeling

As I had tested the Yves Rocher body scrub and foot scrub and both liked them I decided it was time to try a face scrub. This one smells like apricots as it contains pits of the lovely fruit. The scrub is quite soft but effective at the same time as your skin feels really clean and even right after using the product. I can say that this is the best face scrub I've been using so far.

Ultra-matt moisturizer (face cream for the day)

yves rocher sebo specific ultra matt feuchtigkeitspflege

This moisturizer smells really natural, as if your grandma would have gone to her herb garden to mix a cream for you. This is something that not everybody might like but to me it's a sign that this is finally a cream that's good for my skin and not full of chemicals. The cream is supposed to keep your skin matt which is quite important to me as I have combination skin and after a long day at university I tend to look a bit "sweaty". All in all the moisturizer serves it's purpose  and I will definately keep on using it. 

Self-tanning lotion with tiare flower

yves rocher selbstbräuner test

As I don't go to the solarium but still want to look tanned I decided to buy a self-tanning lotion once again. So far I've only been using the Bebe Young Care Holiday Skin body lotion but it smelt really awfully. The Yves Rocher tanning lotion however smells quite good when using it and only released this typical tanning smell when dry. When applied the lotion works within a few hours and the result is really clear from the first application on. The brown is really nice and when you don't apply another layer in the next days the tan will stay up to 1-2 weeks. Of course tanning lotions tend to make ugly patches and also with this one you need to be really careful and shouldn't go to bed right after applying it. All in all it's no revolutionary product but just because of the nice smell it's worth to give it a try.

1-Minute Radiance Mask for normal hair with calendula and marigold

Normally I don't use hair masks but as I got this one for free I simply had to test it. This is yet again a product that smells really natural and my hair did indeed feel really soft after using the mask. The problem with the mask is just that it caused that my hair became greasy really quickly. Already 12 hours after using the mask I had the feeling that I needed to wash my hair again although I would say that I have normal hair which only needs to be washed every other day. Therefore I wouldn't use this mask again.

Now that was it for the review. As I'm still happy with the products I will go and buy some other stuff next week. I hope you liked this review and I hope I could convince some of you of the good quality of Yves Rochers products. Don't hesitate to tell me about your experiences with this brand.


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