News about Shoes

Well ok, they are not really news because some of the things I'm gonna show you today have already been existing for quite a time but hey... it was all new for me and I'm sure it is for some of you, too.

Let's start off with the Zip Shoos... can you already guess what they're about? Right, they are shoes with a heel that can be replaced by a low sole thanks to a zip. They were invented by the Berlin label Miroike and are supposed to resolve our everlasting high heel problem. Here is what they look like:

In fact one could think that this is a nice idea but with those shoes it's the same problem as with almost every shoe model: with heels yay, without heels nay! And there is something else nobody seems to have thought of: the heels are supposed the be exchanged when they start hurting but instead of carring around weird looking low soles you can just as well carry around your cute little ballet flats, can't you? I would tell you to give them a try if they wouldn't cost about 500-600€...
The next thing I have for you is the heel condom. Yes, you heard right, I said condom! But as you can guess it's not about preventing your shoes from getting babies (because that would be the coolest thing ever) but it's about jazzing up the heels you don´t like anymore. Let me show them to you:

Now I think that this is a great idea because you can wear the "condoms" in so many different ways as you can see in this video:

I think the heel condoms are a really nice idea but unfortunately I don't have any heels that would look good with the pair in the last picture (they are just too cute, aren't they?).

What do you think about these shoe news? Are you going to buy zip shoos or heel condoms or do you already own one of them?


  1. These are AMAZING! Thanks for sharing.

  2. ok, i'm feelin the heel condom. they are so cute! and i prefer ankle strap shoes over plain pumps

  3. A little weird the name they put to it.. but the condoms are realy a great idea!

  4. Ich bin begeistert von diesen schuhen :) geil geil geil!!


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