Manic(ure) Monday: One Night in Bangkok

I bought myself two MAVALA nail polishes some time ago. Last week I tested the first one: Nr. 32 Bangkok. It's a nice bronze tone and I combined it with my Essence cracking top coat:

Tips for the right preparation

1. Buffing with a 3 step nail file

2. Filing (for example with a sand file)

3. Pushing back your cuticles:

4. Cleaning your nails with a pad of nail polish remover:

5. Applying a layer of clear nail polish:

MAYBELLINE Tenue & Strong Pro

I know that many of my weekly manicures are nothing really worldshaking but next week I have for you quite a cool manicure that you can really keep looking forward to!


  1. love mavala !!!


  2. they are so cool dear, well done!:) kisses!

  3. Love your cracked nail polish! the color combination is divine


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