How to treat your face

As you may know I started a new "How to..." series some weeks ago. My first post was about how to treat your hair and today I'm gonna talk about your lovely faces. The condition of your face tells so much about yourself and your health and we all want to look fresh and healthy, don't we? So here are the steps to achieve this goal:

1. Eyes

Your eyes are the mirror of your soul so they want to be perfectly framed by beautiful eyebrows. You can find your perfect eyebrow shape by using a small pen or brush:

But be careful! If your overpluck or wax your eyebrows it may happen that you damage the follicles and your eyebrows will become thinner or don't grow anymore.

Furthermore you can use an eye cream to make your eyes look healthy. Don't use normal face creams under your eyes because they contain a special component that lets the cream "move" a bit around and you don't want this cream to wander into your eyes. To prevent any wrinkles you should start using eye creams when you are about 20-25 years old. If you don't know which eye cream to use you may want to read some reviews on the internet but also consider that enough sleep and water will prevent wrinkles better than any cream!

2. Skin

First of all let me tell your that I'm not a dermatologist. If you have serious problems with your skin like acne or neurodermatitis you'd better consult a doctor.

 - oily skin:
If you have oily skin you should wash you face with a special (soap-free) cleansing gel in the morning and in the evening and use a scrub once or twice a week. Facial steam baths with camomile or masks from healing earth are perfect for you.
- dry skin:
If you have dry skin it's enough to clean your skin once a day (in the evening) with a moisturizing cleanser. For the maintenance of your skin you should use water-in-oil emulsions. For your face masks your can use yogurt and avocado or churd cheese and banana.
- combination skin:
For the daily cleansing of combination skin use a gentle cleanser. The cream shouldn´t be too fatty. Use a scrub once a week, focussing on your forehead, nose and chin. After the scrub a mask made of dry yeast and milk will be perfect. 

3. Lips

Your lips need some care, too. To peel them you can make the scrub I showed you in this post or simply use your wet toothbrush. After that put some honey on your lips and leave it on for about 10 minutes.

That was it. Do you think this was helpful? Do you guys have any other tips for us?


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