Fall/Winter 2012: The 10 main trends

I know, I know... summer hasn't even begun and I'm already talking of fall or even winter?! But in fashion everything goes a bit faster, there the next fall already starts when the last winter isn't even over. When I was having a look at the Fall/Winter designer collections I felt like summer was already over and with every picture I saw I kept looking forward to fall more and more. Afterwords I had to remind myself that we're in spring and that the wonderful season of summer is still in front of us. Oh and don't think that I was looking at those collections because I was bored... no, no! I was working hard this afternoon to present you the 10 main trends of Fall/Winter 2012. So enough of talking, here is the result of my 3 hours of work:

 Trend 1: Pastel Colour Blocking

Acne // Lala Berlin // Chloé
Jil Sander // Acne // Dior

Trend 2: Colour all over

Moschino // Lanvin // Moschino
Dior // Acne // Mulberry

Trend 3: Fur

Alexander McQueen // Lanvin // Michael Kors
Mulberry // Mulberry // Michael Kors

Trend 4: Pantsuits

 Ralph Lauren // Ralph Lauren // Sonia Rykiel
Hermès // Miu Miu // Ralph Lauren

Trend 5: Pattern and Design

 Acne // Lala Berlin // Jeremy Scott
Mulberry // Gucci // Dolce and Gabbana

Trend 6: Black and Gold(/Silver)

Givenchy // Dolce and Gabbana // Chanel
Ralph Lauren // Ralph Lauren // Ralph Lauren

Trend 7: Quilted Jacket

Acne // Burberry Prorsum // Chloé
Givenchy // Mulberry // Burberry Prorsum

Trend 8: Leathery Details

Acne // Lanvin // Hermès
Givenchy // Céline // Michael Kors

Trend 9: Lace

 Dolce and Gabbana // Michael Kors // Lanvin
Chloé // Gucci // Chloé

Trend 10: Black and/or White

 Sonia Rykiel // Alexander McQueen // Dolce and Gabbana
Dior // Givenchy // Michael Kors
As you see we can wear our beloved lace dresses, pastel skirts, neon shirts and flower pants for at least 6 additional months! I have also always been a huge fan of the quilted jacket and I would love to know if I can wear such a lovely pantsuit as the Miu Miu one... In fact there's nothing not to love about the Fall/Winter fashion (as long as your fur stays fake!)

I'm totally in love with the designs from Mulberry, Chloé and Burberry Prorsum! How about you?


  1. I like Your blogg because It's not boring - You writing about lots of things :)
    Keep up the good work ;)


  2. I love these trends! They are going to be very cool!:) Kisses!

  3. die meisten trends gefalen mir sehr, wie pastell farben, oder überhaupt bunt, dann schwarz silber, schwarz weiß und auch spitze!!!

    Liebste Grüße

  4. nice collection! love the lace trend most!


  5. great trends! well there arent really diferents as the summer ones, what you think ? the time goes by SO QUICK soon well be on winter... wel..lets enjoy first summer!!

    Good post dear! ;)

    1. Yes you are right, they are not really different :)

  6. I couldn't say wich one i loved more... awsome!


  7. Absolutely amazing blog!!! Brilliant post! There's a reason I keep coming back! :-) Your blog is quickly making it's way to the top of my favourites list!!!! Have a great day. x


    1. Aww thank you so much, your comments are always too lovely!

  8. Love the trends great post! Thanks.

  9. Great post!Would you follow each other? let me know on my blog ;)



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