Monthly Must Haves: June

Last week I went to Gina Tricot and found this AMAZING dress. I think it's divine, the best dress I've ever seen in my whole life! Unfortunately the picture doesn't show it right as it is but the bustier part of the dress is made out of a leathery material and just look a these cut out details at the back! Now you're surely wondering why I still haven't bought this beauty...Well it's not a problem of money because for this dress I would definatley spend the 39,95€ but it's a matter of size. They didn't even produce the dress in my size. But maybe it can make one of you happy?


Changing Rooms

Every girl does it. Be it out of useful, narcissistic or jokey reasons, sometimes we just can't help ourselves. We take pictures in changing rooms! Some days ago I checked all the pictures that were on my phone and of course I found a whole bunch of dim, grainy and sometimes also awkward changing room photos which I just have to share with you guys:


Manic(ure) Monday: Pretty Pastels

I had these two really nice new shades and decided to test them at once. Here is what came out. I simply worked with sticky tape to produce this effect:


What's in my bag?

As you can see I just had a ball editing this picture. We all need a "just for fun" post from time to time, don't we? And now it's your turn, what's in your bag?


Chanel Cruise Collection 2013

Karl Lagerfeld presented the Chanel Cruise Collection in the gardens of Versailles. The clothes combine references to the Rococo and modern elements:


Names for Ever*

Some days ago I told you I'd be collaborating with two amazing online shops and today I can finally report on the first one: Names for Ever. It's a Dutch online jeweller that sells jewels with personalized engravings. They sell their high quality pieces in silver or gold from 19,95€ on. The Names for Ever Team was kind enough to offer me any piece from their assortment in order to test it and wirte a review about it. As I'm a huge SATC fan but already own a name necklace like the one Carrie used to wear in the series, I chose a lovely cloverleaf pendant like the one she wears in the second SATC film. And what is better than a SATC-like necklace? Right! A SATC-like necklace with your name on it! So here is my personalized pendant that arrived only a few days after ordering it:


Manic(ure) Monday: Acid Wash Nails

Lately I found this really cool manicure idea and I decided I would give it a try to show it to you guys. It looks awesome but is really simple! First you apply a layer of dark blue nail polish...


OOTD: Blue Shoes

white peter pan collar dress

Today I went to the restaurant with my family so I decided to wear something chic but still really simple. As you can see in some pictures I already prepared tomorrows Mani(cure) Monday post so if you like my nails you should definitely stay tuned for the tutorial! I hope you all had a great weekend.


Tried and Tested: Yves Rocher (Part II)

If you read my other "Tried and Tested" post about Yves Rocher then you surely know how satisfied I was with the products. That's why I bought some other stuff and now I finally found the time to write a review about it.

Scrub with apricot pits

Yves Rocher Verwöhn Peeling aprikose gesichtspeeling

As I had tested the Yves Rocher body scrub and foot scrub and both liked them I decided it was time to try a face scrub. This one smells like apricots as it contains pits of the lovely fruit. The scrub is quite soft but effective at the same time as your skin feels really clean and even right after using the product. I can say that this is the best face scrub I've been using so far.


Ava Smith for H&M Fall 2012 Lookbook

It is always a bit strange to look at fall or winter clothes when summer hasn't even begun but those H&M pieces are so lovely that I just had to show them to you. What do you think about the looks? Do they make you feel like you could bear the next cold season without doldrums? My personal favourite is the first outfit!


Haven't I seen you somewhere before?

When I tell you that clothing brands tend to get inspired by the latest designer collections than that's no big news for you, quite the contrary because that's how it's supposed to be. And even if this has been how the cookie crumbles since the beginning of the history of fashion it's still interessting to actually look at the result of this "getting inspired":


Manic(ure) Monday: One Night in Bangkok

I bought myself two MAVALA nail polishes some time ago. Last week I tested the first one: Nr. 32 Bangkok. It's a nice bronze tone and I combined it with my Essence cracking top coat:


Pastels on the Beach

1. Necklace - H&M for Water
2. Swimsuit - Topshop
3. Sandals - MiuMiu
4. Picnic blanket - H&M Home
5. Sun-frock - Topshop
6. Sandals - H&M for Water
7. Cool bag - H&M Home
8. Sunnies - a-morir


Diet Coke by Jean Paul Gaultier

Jean Paul Gaultier was named the creative director of Diet Coke and the stylish bottles are available across nine countries in Europe. I absolutely want to get my hands on these but I haven't found out where to buy them yet. Here are the designs:


News about Shoes

Well ok, they are not really news because some of the things I'm gonna show you today have already been existing for quite a time but hey... it was all new for me and I'm sure it is for some of you, too.


How to treat your face

As you may know I started a new "How to..." series some weeks ago. My first post was about how to treat your hair and today I'm gonna talk about your lovely faces. The condition of your face tells so much about yourself and your health and we all want to look fresh and healthy, don't we? So here are the steps to achieve this goal:

1. Eyes

Your eyes are the mirror of your soul so they want to be perfectly framed by beautiful eyebrows. You can find your perfect eyebrow shape by using a small pen or brush:


H&M for Water

Yet again another amazing H&M collection! The cute flower and palm motives make us think of our last beach holiday and 25% of the revenues go to WaterAid. A lot of the pieces are furthermore made of organic cotton and sustainable materials so there's nothing not to love about them!


Manic(ure) Monday: 80ies Party + Quick Dry

I decided to apply my new purple nail polish with some glitter top coat. To achieve the result I worked with sticky tape. The final result reminded me of the 80ies but also a bit of Nicki Minaj because of her pink/purple lipstick! 


Event: Ladies Night at Karstadt

Karstadt, one of Germany's best known shopping centers, hosted a nice Ladies Night yesterday. I went there with two friends and we had a lot of fun because they offered a lot of nice activities as for example manicure, hair analysis, skin analysis,... There were also two make-up artists, a DJ, two girls mixing cocktails and a group performing a Zumba choreography. If you live in Germany you can still go to the Ladies Nights in Hamburg Mönckebergstr. (26th May) or Singen (27th May).


Anna dello Russo at H&M

Woohoo good news... look what H&M published on it's Facebook page this morning: "A celebration of excess, fantasy and decoration! Fashion icon Anna Dello Russo has designed a unique collection of accessories for H&M. Available in selected stores and online on October 4."



Fall/Winter 2012: The 10 main trends

I know, I know... summer hasn't even begun and I'm already talking of fall or even winter?! But in fashion everything goes a bit faster, there the next fall already starts when the last winter isn't even over. When I was having a look at the Fall/Winter designer collections I felt like summer was already over and with every picture I saw I kept looking forward to fall more and more. Afterwords I had to remind myself that we're in spring and that the wonderful season of summer is still in front of us. Oh and don't think that I was looking at those collections because I was bored... no, no! I was working hard this afternoon to present you the 10 main trends of Fall/Winter 2012. So enough of talking, here is the result of my 3 hours of work:

 Trend 1: Pastel Colour Blocking

Acne // Lala Berlin // Chloé
Jil Sander // Acne // Dior

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