Tried and Tested: Yves Rocher (Part I)

Today I want to tell you something about my Yves Rocher products. A few months ago I got an Yves Rocher debit card which allowed me to get a lot of products for free or for less money. But that's not the only reason I'm shopping at Yves Rocher. They do really have products that are good for your skin whilst also taking care of our environment. They contain a lot of natural products from organic farmers. Now let's start the review (which I'll try to keep short as I´ll be writing about more products than usual and I don't want to bore you guys):

1. Body Scrub with vanilla from organic farming:

So the body scrub is my favourite product (not only because of the cute packaging). The scent is just amazing and your skin will smell like a vanilla pod the whole day. The pot contains 200ml of body scrub which seems not to be too much but you won't need more than 1-2 tablespoons for your whole body. The grains are quite fine for a body scrub but the peeling effect is very effective nevertheless. My skin tends to become very dry after taking a shower but not with this product.
Conclusion: I would buy it again and again.

2. Brown reflexes shampoo (with china bark):

As I really love my brown hair I often buy special brown hair shampoos which are supposed to make your hair shine and give it a natural colour boost. This shampoo managed to make my hair feel really soft but it didn't turn out shinier or browner than before (which is nevertheless possible as I've seen with other products). The smell is really interesting though, a mixture of nature and your boyfriends new deodorant (sounds strange but I liked it).
Conclusion: Unfortunately this product hasn't kept it's promise but if you are a fan of natural shampoos you might like it nevertheless.

3. Smoothing lavender scrub for the feet:

Again a product that smells just amazing. When you apply it you get the feeling that you are standing in a field full of lavender flowers. The peeling effect is ok, too but to be honest: who needs a special foot scrub? I mean just take your body scrub and you're done (this thought didn't come to me when buying the scrub).
Conclusion: Foot fetishists might love it but the rest of us won't need to spend money on this product as it can neither replace the foot cream nor the pumice.

4. Moisturizer for the hands (without parabens):

This hand cream has a really good texture, it's keeps your hands soft for hours without being too greasy and it draws in very quickly. The only disadvantage is the scent which is quite strange (a mixture of alcohol and plastic).
Fazit: Nice little hand cream but nothing for people who want to smell good on every part of their body.

5. Lash plumping mascara:

When it comes to mascaras I'm really picky and hard to satisfy. When at first going through your lashes with this mascara you won't see any result at all. After the first 20 layers and after you've dipped the brush again you will see that the mascara separates your lashes quite good and it also gives them a good lenght. But that was about it... no real density and no dramatic false lashes effect.
Conclusion: Really nice for mascara beginners but nothing for the pros who are looking for the one perfect mascara.

So that was it for my review, what I can say about Yves Rocher is that it's a really nice brand when it comes to skin care and so the next things I'll buy there are a face scrub and a nice face cream. Have you tried Yves Rocher before? What do you think of the review? Is there anything you would furthermore want to know?


  1. You know, I never tried this brand but always inspires me!:) seems good! thanks for the review!:) kisses dear!

  2. I love Yves Rocher! This makes me want to try more of their products.

    Alexandra xo


  3. In in love with this thing. for hair, for skin,....
    Good tips, and items thank you to share them with us ! :):)

  4. this is an amazing review, carmen. i like yves rocher too!

    xoxo, andie
    Fashionista's Pick


  5. I havent tried anything fromm this brand yet unfortunately.. great and interesting review, I would love to see mascara brush. my fav is body scrub too, i adore vanilla :)

  6. love your blog! It's so nice!!! I follow you!
    Pass to my blog and if it likes you follow me too, I will be so glad :D

  7. I love body scrubs too! I haven't tried any from yves rocher yet but it looks good. nice review dear!

  8. How I wish Yves Rocher was available in my party of the world. Some of their perfumes smell divine. I'm really liking your vanilla bodyscrub. Great review post. I have brown hair too. Which coloring shampoo do you recommend. I have used the Paul Mitchell one, which was quite nice.


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