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Recently I've read a lot of posts about decorating with books but I thought instead of taking pictures of how my books embellish my room I would rather present you some of my favourite lifestyle books.

The first book has been written by two famous German bloggers Jessica Weiss and Julia Knolle (check out their blog LesMads). As far as I know the book only exists in German and costs about 10€. It is called "Modestrecke" which can be translated by "editorial" but also means something like "fashion drive" as the girls talk about all the places in the world they have been to due to their passion for fashion. This book is an ode to fashion and to the fun blogging can bring and should be read by everyone how is still in doubt wether they should start blogging or not. Furthermore the girls also tell us how they found their individual style and give a lot of tips on how to reduce our wardrobe to the pieces we really need.

Buy your example here.

The next book should be known internationally as a lot of magazines have been talking about it last year. It is called "Parisian Chic" and is "a style guide by Inès de la Fressange". As some of you may know Inès became the first model to sign an exclusive modeling contract with the haute couture fashion house Chanel and whoever talks about Parisian chic can't avoid to mention her name. In her style guide she gives us the ultimate tips on how to look like a Parisian girl all day but also on how to keep our home stylish and where to shop in Paris.

The books costs about 25€ and can be bought here.

This book once belonged to my mum but really inspired me when I first read it. Sydne Rome is a United States-born, Italy-based film actress and in the early 1980s she became an icon of the aerobics craze and published several workout videos. In this book she gives tips on beauty, food and exercises but what I loved most about the book were the lovely pictures of Sydne which is the natural beauty par excellence.

Unfortunately I couldn't find an English example of the book but buy a German example here.

The last book I want to show you is this funny advisor with a lot of "insanely great photo projects and DIY ideas". It's the perfect book for those of you who love to experiment with their camera or who tend to always make presents which involve pictures. The tutorial I liked best was the one on how to light paint:

Another nice tutorail involves taking pictures, DIYing and baking (how cool is this?!) and as I don't just want to tell you how great this book is but also show it to you, I copied this tutorial for you guys:

Photo cupcakes

What you'll need:
* A picture to put on your cupcakes
* Cupcakes
* Photo icing
* Frosting
* Butter knife

Step 1: Choose a picture with a white background.
Step 2: Upload the picture to an icing image company (for example Icing Images).
Step 3: Make sure your cupcakes have cooled down and let the icing sheets air out at room temperature for half an hour.
Step 4: Apply frosting to each cupcake and spread it as flat as possible.
Step 5: Apply the icing while the frosting is still moist and let the photo and frosting melt into each other.

So that was it for some of my favourite lifestyle books. Have you read one of them or do you want to now?


  1. Hey!! Great posts! I love all these books!



  2. I'm reading Parisian Chic and I love it! Kisses dear!

  3. would totally love to read them all :)
    thank you for posting ^^

  4. Super Buchtipps, "Modestrecke" hab ich auch schon gelesen und ich fand es auch echt gut!
    Viele Grüße, Katja

  5. These books look really great!

    The Lovely Memoir

  6. I love the book Parisian Chic


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