Tried and Tested: Maybelline FIT me!

I don't know how about your countries but in Germany they've been promoting the new Maybelline "FIT me!" for quite a while now. I liked the fact that they have a shade for every skin type and that they have matching foundation, powder, rouge and concealer. At first I was sceptical because so far I've just had bad liquid foundations (don't let them tell you that there is one shade for all of us, that won't work, never!). Today I decided to give it a try and so I spent quite a while choosing the right shade for my skin. I decided to take the foundation in 115, the powder in 120 and a "Medium Rose" rouge (I didn't buy a concealer as I'm still having one that I like a lot). As you may know the products are numbered but I think that there are differnces between the countries because the Germans give the rouges numbers between 57 and 79 while the rouge I bought had the number 220 (which again doesn't appear on the English Maybelline website). I'm just telling you this because I don't want you to rely too much on the product numbers I'm giving you, the best thing would be to check the Maybelline website of your country to see which shades you can get there.

1. Foundation

The foundations was just the right shade for my face. It really adapted to my natural skin tone and was easy to apply without leaving ugly borders. The bad thing about this foundation (as about every liquid fondation) is that it can't cover bigger pimples. That's why I have been (and always will be) using a mousse make-up on my worst days.

2. Powder

The powder comes with a little mirror and a sponge/tuft (which is quite airy and won't make it for a long time). There's nothing bad to say about the powder either, again it was easy to apply and the shade was just as matching as the foundation.

3. Rouge

Now with the rouge I had my problems... I was so undetermined which rouge to take, this one or another one which was more flashy. I decided to take this one as I always want the rouge to be as inconspicuous as possible but when I applied it I didn't even see a hint of rouge in my face even though I had good light in my bathroom. I applied lots of layers before seeing a result but when I came to another room later I saw that it was already a bit too much rouge. That was a bit tricky but I think now I know how to apply the right amount of this rouge. The rouge comes with this flat brush which is quite good as I don't like too round brushes when applying rouge.

So all in all I'm quite satisfied with the products and I will use them regularly from now on. The only bad thing about the Fit me! series is the prize... The 3 products together cost me about 30€ which isn't the world but still a lot if you are a poor student, right?
If you are using FIT me! products, too or if you want to buy them don't hesitate to tell me. I didn't write too much about the application now because I don't wanted the post to be too boring but if there are any questions left just ask.


  1. This is such a great review! Great post :) Thank you for your comment on my blog. I draw it by hand (pen and watercolor-most of the time), and don't have any special software on my computer. I'm happy to hear you like my drawings! xo akiko
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  2. Great review! The packaging of the Fit me foundation looks really great! I love when foundations have pumps. Wonderful post:)


  3. Thanks for the review! Following you now!

  4. Great review! I can never seem to find the right shade of foundation and the Fit series seemed promising. Nice to know the coverage isn't enough for pimples because I get a few mid-cycle. I like how it looked on you. Really evened your skin tone. :)


  5. Great tips!!!! I'll look for these new line on my local drug store!!! I want to try it also!
    and I loved ur last post with the face chart!!!


  6. vorher nachher bilder sind voll geil .. dein blog ist echt süß wieso schreibst du nur auf englisch ?

    würde mich freun, wenn du mal vorbei schaust (:

  7. though I'm not a big fan of foundation, i would definitely recommend this brand to my friends!
    great review!


  8. OMG it´s really good! the difference between before and after, you´ve really found a great product! Now i´m gonna see if it´s available around here asap.


  9. will das rouge auch so gern :) schaut super aus :)

  10. The coverage of the foundation doesn't seem too bad! I'll have to check them out when I need new product :)

  11. I must have missed this post, thanks for sending me the link :)
    the foundation looks lovely indeed and the whole line seems really good. I definitely want to try the blusher too. x

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