Monthly Must Haves: April

Next month there are so many things to hit the stores that my purse will definately end up a lot thinner. There is the H&M Conscious Collection, Werelse for Mango Touch or the H&M Fashion Against AIDS launch. Here are all my cravings.


Manic(ure) Monday: Removing Glitter Nail Polish

Most of the people don't like Mondays but I'll give you a reason to look forward to this day of the week. Today I have a really helpful tip for you manicure-maniacs out there. I think that everyone who has used glitter nail polish has also had trouble removing it but with the two tips I'm giving you today you can keep your nerves spared.
Why can't the glitter be removed with the traditional cotton pad? Because it rips the pad up before the nail polish remover has the chance to act. What you can do now is on the one hand use a resistant piece of cloth. At least the cloth won't be destroyed so easily but you'll still need time and patience. Therefore I prefer the other tip that will follow now:

On this one finger I was wearing an Essence Special Effect glitter topper and I thought it would be easy to remove it because the glitter discs where quite big. But it was just as hard as with any other glitter nail polish I've had to remove so far.

To remove the glitter easily just take a piece of a cotton pad (you can part it in two to save cotton pads) and saturate it with nail polish remover. Then put the pad around your nail. You can add aluminium foil to make sure the remover doesn't dry out. Then wait for about 5 minutes...

... et voilà. When you pull off the pad the glitter should be removed and you just have to do the precision work.
I think I don't have to mention that this is extremely bad for your skin and that you shouldn't do this too often. After removing the pads wash your hands immediately and use a moisturising hand lotion afterwards.

I hope this was helpful and I can't wait for you guys to try this out and tell me if it worked for you.


One Night In The Hotel

On Thursday it was my boyfriend's birthday and I decided to book a room for us in a four-star hotel. It's the same hotel where I went to the spa lately (see this post). When we arrived there on Friday we first went to eat something, then drank a cocktail in the bar of the hotel. On Saturday we already had to check out but in the evening we went to a restaurant with my boyfriend's mother. Here are some pictures of the hotel and my outfit.


Tried and Tested: Maybelline FIT me!

I don't know how about your countries but in Germany they've been promoting the new Maybelline "FIT me!" for quite a while now. I liked the fact that they have a shade for every skin type and that they have matching foundation, powder, rouge and concealer. At first I was sceptical because so far I've just had bad liquid foundations (don't let them tell you that there is one shade for all of us, that won't work, never!). Today I decided to give it a try and so I spent quite a while choosing the right shade for my skin. I decided to take the foundation in 115, the powder in 120 and a "Medium Rose" rouge (I didn't buy a concealer as I'm still having one that I like a lot). As you may know the products are numbered but I think that there are differnces between the countries because the Germans give the rouges numbers between 57 and 79 while the rouge I bought had the number 220 (which again doesn't appear on the English Maybelline website). I'm just telling you this because I don't want you to rely too much on the product numbers I'm giving you, the best thing would be to check the Maybelline website of your country to see which shades you can get there.


You know it's spring when...

...you're holding an Ikea garden catalogue in your hands. As always I really loved their pictures and combination ideas. Unfortunately you can't just copy those lovely pictures on Ikea.com that's why I simply had to photograph the pictures off the catalogue. If you want to see them in high quality just go to Ikea.


Manic(ure) Monday: Reverse French Manicure

As some of you may have noticed I love to paint my nails. I change my nail colour quite often and over the years I collected some tips on how your manicure will last longer. Therefore I decided to make a "Manic(ure) Monday" which means that on Mondays I will either show you my newest nail creations with a tutorial on how to do them or give you other manicure tips. Last week I tried the "Reverse French Manicure" for the first time and I really like the result. Here is an easy tutorial for you:


Prada goes 50ies

When I saw Prada's Spring/Summer women's advertising campaign I totally fell in love. The shoes are so crazy, the bags and body tights so feminine and the dresses so pretty and yet really funny but you must take a look at it yourselves to understand my euphoria:


OOTD: My Sister´s Birthday

My sister had her 14th birthday on Friday and today we celebrated this with a family meal. Here is what I wore:


Marni at H&M

Are you going to buy some pieces from the Marni collection or is it not your style? Eventhough I don't think I will buy something from that collection, I picked for you my favourites:


DIY Lip Scrub

DIY lip scrub honey

Lately I was having some trouble with rough lips and so I was really happy when I found this great recipe to diy a lip scrub. I've been using it for a few weeks now and eventhough my lips have become tender again, I can't stop using my lip scrub as it isn't just helpful but also really delicious. I will now give you the summary of the recipe which I found here.

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