Spa Time

Yesterday a friend and I spent the afternoon in the spa area of a four star hotel. I wanted to go to the sauna for a long time and so I had a really nice and relaxing day. Here are some pictures of the spa:

When I came back from the spa I wanted to know which are the "rules" to make your sauna session as profitable as possible and here is what I found out:

- Before entering the sauna you should take a shower in order to remove the grease from your skin. Don't forget to towel yourself off. Both makes it easier for your skin to sweat.
- Stay 10 - 15 minutes in the sauna
- When leaving the sauna go for a blow or cool down with the help of cool water. Always make sure to take the water from your toes up your legs and then from your hands up to your shoulders.
- Of course you need to give your body back the water it´s been sweating out so don´t forget to drink enough.
- After the first sauna session you should keep your feet warm with a footbath and then take a little nap with socks on.
- Repeat the whole procedure up to 2 times.

Going to the sauna is not only good for your immune system but also makes your skin feel really soft as the change between warm and cold animates your blood circulation.

I hope this was helpful and brings you to go to the sauna as soon as possible.


  1. Ooh that looks lovely! I don't like saunas myself, I'm no good with heat at all! I hope you had a great time.



  2. woww I wish I could jump inside that swimming pool :D
    and I don't like saunas either... haha...

    following back ;)


  3. amazing! Really enjoying your blog and am your newest follower

  4. Oh wow, the area looks so serene and calm! Would love to be there like right now! :D


  5. Gorgeous hotel! Thanks for the tips about the sauna!


  6. this makes me want to go to the spa :)

  7. Great tips!! and I love your signature :)

  8. great tips!Wish I were in a spa right now! :)


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