Lost and Found DIY

A few days ago my sister and I searched our old jewel box for interesting things. Over the years we've always put the things we weren't wearing anymore in that box but looking into the box after a year would always make us discover things that were in again or which we would like again. This time I found a necklace that I got from a friend of my mother, a pair of ethno earrings that were handed down to me from my aunt, a bracelet my sister got some years ago, 2 cute hedgehog pins (also from my aunt who loves hedgehogs) and a perfume sample which I used to do a little DIY.

DIY perfume bottle pendant

What you'll need:
- pretty perfume sample bottle
-little screw with a closed hook
- small nail or screw (to make a hole into the bottle top)
 - hammer
- liquid glue
(- transparent nail polish)

- Take the bottle top and carfully hammer a little hole into it with the help of a simple screw or nail (don't use the screw with the closed hook as the hook will be deformed by the hammer)
- Put the screw with the hook into the bottle top and put some glue into the top
- Close the bottle. (If you have a bottle still filled with perfume and you don't want to pour the perfume out, you should wait until the glue has dried completely until you close the bottle)
- If the bottle is somewhat older like mine was, you may want to seal the etiquette with a bit of transparent nail polish so it won't come loose.


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