River Island

Whenever I'm in London I buy at least one piece from River Island. Back home I never think of making an online order but it's definately worth to take a look at the online shop. Here are some of their new arrivals:


H&M Fashion Against AIDS

Everybody talks about the H&M designer collaborations but honestly: Who needs famous designers when H&M brings AMAZING collections like this?
The collection will be available in around 300 H&M Divided departments from 26th April 2012, as well as online. To see all the pieces check H&M. This collection is so amazingly inspiring that I won't mind to spend all my money on it and right now it animates me to change my style completely!


Lost and Found DIY

A few days ago my sister and I searched our old jewel box for interesting things. Over the years we've always put the things we weren't wearing anymore in that box but looking into the box after a year would always make us discover things that were in again or which we would like again. This time I found a necklace that I got from a friend of my mother, a pair of ethno earrings that were handed down to me from my aunt, a bracelet my sister got some years ago, 2 cute hedgehog pins (also from my aunt who loves hedgehogs) and a perfume sample which I used to do a little DIY.



Yesterday I went to a costume party with some friends. I dressed up as a cat as I had found this cute mask.


Spa Time

Yesterday a friend and I spent the afternoon in the spa area of a four star hotel. I wanted to go to the sauna for a long time and so I had a really nice and relaxing day. Here are some pictures of the spa:


Be my Valentine!

Next Tuesday is the day where you can show your partner once again how much you love him or her. What really brought me in the mood for Valentine's Day were the lovely pictures at The Glitter Guide:


Accent Manicure

Of course it's not a new thing to only accentuate one nail in your manicure but yesterday I rediscovered the trend for myself. Today I tried out my favourite combination but I've got so many ideas for other accent manicures that I don't even know which one to try next! Hope you like it and don't forget to tell me what's you favourite combination and which finger do you usually accentuate.

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