Tried and Tested: Essence Top Coats

essence nail art special effect topper

During the last 2 years I discovered more and more great brands selling individual nail polishes or nail polish top coats. Now it was the turn of Essence cosmetics to be discovered. Last week I bought myself the "nail art special effect! topper" and the "nail art cracking top coat" for 1,79€ each.

essence nail art cracking top coat

I used the "special effect! topper" on a purple nail polish and it looked just awesome. The "sequins" have an ideal size and as they come in so many different colours, it looks like carnival on your nails. If you want a lot of glitter on your nails you should rather dab the topper on than to apply various layers as the sequins will all be pulled to the nail points. It's just a pity that the liquid has a slightly matt effect because otherwise your nails would glitter even more. 

essence glitter top coat swatches

I've just tested the "cracking top coat" with a light blue nail polish as base. First of all your base should be 100% covering because otherwise the effect won't be too impressive. Then it is important to apply the right amount of top coat. If you don't apply enough, it will only crack vertically, if you apply too much there won't be many cracks. Simply dip the brush into the bottle and remove it without stripping off any liquid and it should work quite well. Now the finished effect looks quite ok but only when seen closely, if you look at the nails from a distance they look just filthy. Furthermore I must say that the brush is too narrow for this because the top coat starts already cracking when you haven't even painted the whole nail. This top coat is a nice fooling but I think I won´t apply it too often. 

essence cracking top coat swatches

And now it's your turn: Which top coat is you favourite? What do you think of essence products? Do you know other brands which sell toppers like these?


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