Part 4: How to store your shoes and bags

It's time to write the 4th and last part of my "How to store..." series. I decided not only to write about shoes but also about bags.
Let's start off with shoes. Until yesterday I stored all my shoes in a row on the floor but as my wonderful boyfriend ordered me a shoe closet which arrived yesterday, my shoes have now found their place in my apartment (don't worry, those aren't all of my shoes as I left a lot of them in my parent's house).

If you don't want to buy a simple shoe closet you could also store your shoes in the original boxes on which you stick a picture of the shoes so you pick the right box immediately. This is not only a cheap method to store your shoes but also creates this special shoe shop feeling. If you are talented you could also buy white boxes and paint your shoes on them.

Another storing method without the classical shoe closet would be to use your shoes as decoration distributed in your room, on shelves, your desk, on top of your wardrobe, etc. Maybe you also have a wide staircase in your house so you can put a pair of shoes on every step. 

(Hailee Steinfeld for Miu Miu)

If you have a lot of shoes (especially high heels) with embellishments at the back you should put one shoe the other way round so you always know immediately which shoes are which.

(Chiara Ferragni's shoe closet)

Now let's go over to bags. In my oppinion it is even more important to have an adequate storing method for your bags than for your shoes because when your bags are just laying around on your floor or in your wardrobe, they start to deform and keep getting ugly crinkles. Therefore I've always hung my bags up, at first on my bedpost or on a mannequin but some months ago I bought myself a nice coat rack at IKEA. I think it's really useful as it has a lot of hooks on different levels.

What you can also do to prevent your bags from deforming is to stuff them with paper but as it can be quite annoying to always unbag the paper before using the bag you can also reduce this method to the bags you aren't using that often. Of course there might also be people among you who don't want or who don't have a possibility to hang up their bags. Well in that case I can just come back to what I said about the shoes: store them in a shelf. That looks nice and if you fill the bags with paper they won't get crinkles either. If you´re really having a lot of space you could also buy a low table and put your bags on it. That would look awesome in a walk in closet and create this special "expensive boutique" feeling.

So that was it for my "How to store..." series, I hope you liked it. If you want to I could write other "How to..." posts sooner or later, just tell me if you enjoyed reading this ones and please also tell me if you have any ideas for similar posts. Thank you!


  1. Well done!
    I like the idea of "How to store..." series and would be glad to read another post of this kind!
    ps: I still can't forget Mode Junkie's shoe paradise! Did you see it? Just a dream!

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    1. Thank you Katrina :)
      Wow Mode Junkie´s shoe closet is really amazing, I hadn´t seen it so far. I wish I had her shoes xD

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  7. oh i'd love to store my shoes in a much more show-y way - just like on that amazing shoe-closet you own!

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