Part 3: How to Store your Clothes

You don't have an amazing walk-in closet like Carrie Bradshaw does in the SATC movie? But you still have the feeling that you've collected just as many clothes over the years as she has? Well then you'll need to find an intelligent storing method in order not to forget about half the pieces in your closet. Now here are some tips that will help you keep the order in your wardrobe:
- Make separate piles for the different sorts of clothes (one for sleeveless shirts, one for long sleeved shirts, one for winter pullovers, one for shorts, one for full length pants,...).
- If your wardrobe is more colourful you could also sort your clothes by colours.
- If you should have problems with moths you should know that mothballs are quite chemical, better use stems of lavender in order to protect your clothes.
- In case you don't have that much space you should store the seasonal pieces in a store room or in nice boxes next to your wardrobe.
- Another possibility to add some space for your clothes is to buy a clothes rail: it doesn't take as much space in your room as an additional wardrobe and is also cheaper. Furthermore a clothes rail can be very decorative, just choose some clothes that match your wallpaper or hang up your most fancy pieces.
- If you really want to show off 1-3 pieces you could also buy some decorative hangers and just nail them to your wall.

Hope I could give you some new tips, the post about the storing of shoes (and bags) will follow somewhat later as my boyfriend ordered me a new shoe cabinet which I want to show you.


  1. Thanks, those are some really useful tips! :)
    Though, I would just die to have a walk in closet! :D


  2. I wish I had a walk-in wardrobe! Though I do have a dressing room so I suppose that's the same thing really.

    I store my clothes by garment and then colour. So I have all the dresses together sorted by colour, then all the skirts sorted by colour and so on.

    I am getting an extra wardrobe to go in the spare room to hold my out-of-season clothes and make some more room.



  3. thanks so much for the tips! :) oh, how i wish i had a huge walk-in closet from sex & the city!


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