Part 2: How to store your make-up

Today I have for you the second part of my "How to store..." series which is about make-up storing. Let's start off with the brushes: I keep mine in brush holders, I think it's more practical than keeping them in a portfolio (unless you often transport your brushes).

For those of you who want to diy a portfolio for their brushes I found a nice tutorial here.
Don't forget to clean your brushes from time to time but don't use alcohol in order to do so as it will make the hair crack. After cleaning brushes with a wooden shaft don't set them up with the head at the top as the water will run down to the shaft of the brush and the wood could burst.
Let's go over to the make-up itself. Unless you only have one mascara, one foundation and one eye shadow, you should divide your make-up into some groups which you store apart. I am storing my make-up in small drawers I bought at IKEA and I divided them into:
- kohl and eyeliners
- mascara and eyelash curler
- lipsticks and lipgloss
- eye shadow
- powder and foundation

Even though it is not really make-up I also want to talk about nail polish. The colour junkies among you know that over the years a lot of bottles come together and I think that especially nail polish bottles can be a creative decoration when you give them a nice place in your bathroom or bedroom. The best idea I've seen so far is to put your nail polish in a type case. 

I hope you like my "How to store..." posts so far and the next one will follow at the latest on Monday. 


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