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During the last days I kept having the feeling that I don't have anything to wear anymore which is of course totally ungrounded but however I decided to do some sales shopping. First I ordered something at H&M which hasn't arrived yet. Online shopping at H&M during the sales is kind of frustrating as 3 items I wanted really badly sold out whilst I was still looking out for other stuff! Then I went to H&M, too yesterday to see if they have anything in the store that they don't sell on the internet anymore. After that I also went to Zara and I think that it's definatley worth to go to one of their stores as they also reduce the prices of pretty clothes (not as H&M which only reduces the items nobody wanted back in the last season). And as I'm an absolute manicure-manic I also bought 2 nice top coats.

H&M - 2,95 €

H&M - 3,95 €

H&M - 4,95 €

Essence - 1,79 €

At H&M I ordered a brown jumper with a braided cutout, a black turtleneck and some cute armbands. Which pieces do you like most? What should I be wearing in an outfit post? As you can see I already applied the glitter top coat. As I haven't written a "Tried and Tested" post for quite a time I will definately write one about the Essence top coats soon.


  1. Oi querida!!!
    Amei o blog e ja estou seguindo viu?
    Depois da uma olhadinha no meu e se gostar, me segue lá!!!!
    Bjoooo e com Deus!!!
    Vanessa Gramari

  2. I love the double earring!!!


  3. you really picked up!!! i am loving the double earrings and that nail polish is amazing!!! im definitely jealous!


  4. definitely going to pick up the stud earrings when I see them in h&m! cute post. x


  5. I´m so glad you people like the earrings, I only found them by accident as they were hanging in the lowest row of the rack!

  6. You have such a pretty blog dear, i've found you today and i'm really glad :)

    i'm your new follower, do you follow me back? :)

  7. i love the chain earrings :) they are beautifullll <3

  8. The nail polish was so nice, loves the one with the glitter.
    X Camilla

  9. Thanks for following my blog, I follow yours now! :)

  10. I love the nail polish & your bangs in your profile picture. Lovely blog!


  11. I love this nail polish!

    I'll hope you follow me too <3

  12. Love your blog. Great personal style. Love your inspo photos. Follow each other on Both, GFC and Bloglovin??


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