Inspiration: Pastel Colour Blocking

Pastel colour blocking is a trend I'm really into and I can't wait for spring to come to wear it over and over again. Olivia Lopez from Lookbook did a perfect job when putting this outfit together, but I also like how 3.1. Phillip Lim interpreted the look:


Tried and Tested: Essence Top Coats

essence nail art special effect topper

During the last 2 years I discovered more and more great brands selling individual nail polishes or nail polish top coats. Now it was the turn of Essence cosmetics to be discovered. Last week I bought myself the "nail art special effect! topper" and the "nail art cracking top coat" for 1,79€ each.


New In

During the last days I kept having the feeling that I don't have anything to wear anymore which is of course totally ungrounded but however I decided to do some sales shopping. First I ordered something at H&M which hasn't arrived yet. Online shopping at H&M during the sales is kind of frustrating as 3 items I wanted really badly sold out whilst I was still looking out for other stuff! Then I went to H&M, too yesterday to see if they have anything in the store that they don't sell on the internet anymore. After that I also went to Zara and I think that it's definatley worth to go to one of their stores as they also reduce the prices of pretty clothes (not as H&M which only reduces the items nobody wanted back in the last season). And as I'm an absolute manicure-manic I also bought 2 nice top coats.


Transparent Bags

First of all I want to thank you guys, you're over 50 followers now which makes me really happy! Today I have a nice post about transparent bags which I like a lot. The concept of the transparent bag is not new, I saw a lot of them last spring already but as we can see at Louis Vuitton the bags are still up to date. Which one is your favourite? I love the Chanel clutch and the Longchamp one.


New In

So today i just have a short "New In" post for you. I just have to show you my new shoes as I wanted them for quite a long time and finally bought them today (at Deichmann). Furthermore my boyfriend also ordered me a nice jewellery holder which I wanted to show you. Today I also went to Yves Rocher for the first time as I had to buy a gift for a friend. I bought her a nail polish a withening pen for the nails and a nail-peeling and when I paid the items I was asked to take a debit card which I did. For becoming a new client I got a nice little hand cream and with my next purchase I will get a mascara and a shopping bag for free which I think is quite cool. I tell you this because until now I quite underestimated Yves Rocher but it's definately worth to take a look at their range.


Eye Candy: Manhattan

As I really love the pictures Manhattan Cosmetics shoots in order to promote their products, I decided to show you some of them. This is their latest campaign inspired by pin-up photos and burlesque vibes.


Part 4: How to store your shoes and bags

It's time to write the 4th and last part of my "How to store..." series. I decided not only to write about shoes but also about bags.


I want summer!

I know it's still quite early but if you are already keeping an eye out for some nice sunglasses I have the perfect post for you:


Part 3: How to Store your Clothes

You don't have an amazing walk-in closet like Carrie Bradshaw does in the SATC movie? But you still have the feeling that you've collected just as many clothes over the years as she has? Well then you'll need to find an intelligent storing method in order not to forget about half the pieces in your closet. Now here are some tips that will help you keep the order in your wardrobe:


Versace for H&M Cruise Collection

For those of you who still haven't got enough of Versace or for those who couldn't get a piece of the last Versace for H&M collection here comes the less pretentious summer version of the collaboration. The berry printed shirts, dresses and shoes make us feel like we're 6 again and are the perfect forerunners of summer. This time it's an online store exlusive collection which will be launched on 19th January. I picked for you some of my favourites:


Part 2: How to store your make-up

Today I have for you the second part of my "How to store..." series which is about make-up storing. Let's start off with the brushes: I keep mine in brush holders, I think it's more practical than keeping them in a portfolio (unless you often transport your brushes).


Part 1: How to store your jewellery

As I know that a lot of people are still not sure on how to store their jewellery, clothes, shoes, etc. and as I am always looking for new storing methods myself, I decided to make a post about the best methods I've discovered so far. Today I'll talk about the storage of jewellery but stay tuned for parts 2, 3 and 4 of this post where I'll talk about makeup, clothes and shoes.


Ombre Lips

By now everybody should have noticed that "ombre" is the new allround talent when it comes to trends. There are videos on youtube on how to ombre your hair and every DIY blogger has made at least one ombre skirt, shirt or jacket (as some of you may know ombre is the French word for shadow).


OOTD: That party last night...

First of all I want to thank all the people who wished me a "happy new year". Be sure that I wish you all the best for 2012 as well. So now here is the promised post about my outfit I wore last night and I also took some pictures of the firework and of what we were eating. Hope you like it!

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