Tried and Tested: YSL

Today I decided to write a "Tried and Tested" post in order to tell you what I think about some beauty products I've been using lately. In this post I'll concentrate on three YSL products but I'll try to write other "Tried and Tested" posts regularly from now on. First I'll talk about the YSL mascara i bought myself a month ago, the "Mascara Volume Effet Faux Cils: Luxurious Mascara for a False Lash Effect" in black (29,95 €)

Well so far I had never spent so much money on a mascara but I thought this one would be worth the money because it's YSL. The sales assistant told me it had about the same effect as the new "Shocking" mascara by YSL. As the mascara says, it's supposed to give your eyes this "false lash effect" and I must say that at the beginning that worked out quite well, my lashes became long as never before but unfortunately the effect didn't last for long because when I came home my lashes had "fallen" back into their natural shape and you couldn't see the initial swing anymore. Furthermore the mascara doesn't give your lashes a lot of density which, in my eyes, is the most important thing about a mascara. I've been using the mascara for a month now and the container already seems to be empty as there doesn't come much product on the brush anymore. I must say that I would never again buy myself this mascara as I've had a lot of cheaper mascaras that lastet longer and made a much better effect.

The next product is the "Dessin du regard: Crayon Yeux Haute tenue (Long Lasting Eye Pencil) 8 brun ambré" (about 20 €)

The eye pencil has two sides, one with a small sponge with which you can create a smoky eyes effect. I bought myself the pencil in a light brown colour because I already have pencils in black or grey. Unfortunately the brown is a bit to light for my eyes and you could even say it's a slightly reddish colour.Therefor I haven't been wearing it much and can't really tell you if it lasts for a long time or not. But what I can tell you is that it's quite easy to apply, the texture gets quite smooth when in contact with your skin and the small sponge does a good job, too. 

When I bought the two products, I got a free sample of the perfume: "Parisienne (Eau de Parfum)" by YSL.

I really fell in love with the smell when using it for the first time. It smells really elegant but playfull at the same time. The scent of berries and roses takes a main part in the composition of the perfume but however it doesn't smell too sweetish. I would definately buy myself a flacon but unfortunately it's rather expensive with 48,95 € / 30 ml.

Conclusion: More expensive isn't always better but if you still not know what to put on your wishlist for Christmas you should really consider this lovely perfume!

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