Tried and Tested: uma cosmetics

Uma cosmetics is a German brand that I had never tried before. Some weeks ago I decided to buy a uma nail polish (because of the nice colour) and a uma nail polish remover (because it said it would leave a coconut scent on your nails). So here is what I think of the two products:
I'll start of with the uma cosmetics Colour Effect Nail Polish (colour: naked truth). I had been looking for his colour for some time and so I was quite happy when I found this nail polish for only 2,49€. I can tell you right from the beginning that this nail polish convinced me immediately. Its texture is just perfect, it covers from the first stroke of brush and if you don't want to, you don´t even have to apply a second layer. Usually I only apply as much layers as needed in order to cover entirely and so I stopped after the first round. This had the advantage that the nail polish couldn't exfoliate as fast as my other nail polishes would have done. The nail polish did also dry very quickly and so I didn't have the pattern of my bed linen on my nails the other day. Furthermore the colour is just perfect for those of us who are lazy at removing or refreshing nail polish as the colour is so decent that it doesn't really matter when it's peeled of a bit. Despite the apparent artlessness of the colour I really loved looking at my nails while they had the "naked truth" colour and I would even go as far as saying that this colour is much more classy than any other red or transparent nail polish could ever be.

Next I have the uma cosmetics Coconut Express Nail Polish Remover acetone-free (it also exists with the scent of orange for those who don´t like coconut). It cost 1,49€ and it was tested by a German consumer magazine (Öko-Test) which rated this nail polish as being "very good". I bought the nail polish remover out of 2 reasons: 1. it promised not to be as malodorous as other removers and 2. the description at the back: "We've all been there: you just want to remove your nail polish quickly, and you are left with discoloured nails and fingers. The uma Nail Polish Remover removes the polish like magic without any residue (...)". For the scent I can say: it´s true! When I bought the remover I still thought the smell would be rank with only some coconut background scent but as soon as the liquid was on my nails, all the bad smell had disappeared and there was just coconut, for the rest of the day. As far as the description is concerned I couldn´t really test wether it's true or not because I was just removing some discreet pink polish from my nails so far but I have a dark blue nail polish that always leaves colour on the skin around my nails and it is really hard to get that away. I´m curious wether this remover will even manage to make this blue polish disappear entirely but I´ll have to tell you about that after having tested.

Conclusion: uma has some of the best beauty products you could possibly buy when it comes to cheap nail care. I am very satisfied and I will definately try some other UMA products in the future. If you're curious you should check out the uma site or if you want to order some uma products you can follow this link.


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