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As Christmas is very near I've been spending a lot of money on presents but also on things for myself. Furthermore my aunt, my sister and I had our "semestral shopping day" where my aunt buys everything my sister and I could possibly want! I also got my ear pierced at Bijou Brigitte (a friend told me you could do it there) and it only cost as much as the earrings I got pierced so in my case about 8€. I must say that they did a good job and I got no inflammation at all.
So now I show you what I bought myself but there are two things missing (a nail polish and a nail polish remover) which I will show you in my next "Tried and Tested" post.

I finally found nice boots without heels (I love the cute pattern on the inside). These ones cost about 42 € in the closing sale (Bought at Landgraf)

This jacket is from H&M and I had seen it several times but I thought 29,95 € was too expensive but then I found it for 20 € about 2 weeks ago and I just had to buy it

H&M necklace - 7,95 €

Cuddly overknees for about 16 € (bought at Galeria Kaufhof)

Tally Weijl socks - 0,99 €

New Yorker (about 7€ I think)

New Yorker - 12,95 € (was 16,95€)

New Yorker - 34,95 €

H&M blue/white striped blouse for 14,95 €

And black pants from ZARA (haven't taken a picture of them yet) for 25,95 €.

So that was it, which piece would you like to see in the next outfit post? I really love the cuddly vest which I wore for the first time today.

As a last thing I want to announce a nice giveaway I will launch very soon so don´t forget to check out my blog regularly.


  1. oh my gosh!
    you have great fashion!
    I love that brown cardigan!



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