Monthly Must Haves: January

1 Nail Polish - ESSIE 2 LBD - H&M 3 Shoes - DEICHMANN 4 Tights - ASOS 5 Jacket - VERO MODA 6 Bag - H&M 7 Poncho - ZARA

Thanks to my lovely family members I could fill my savings box a bit during the holidays which brings about that I will be able to check off some pieces of my "must have list" during the next weeks. One of my New Year's resolutions is to finally go to Primark again after not having been there for over a year! Now I'll show you some of my "must haves" but unfortunately some of them aren't even in the stores anymore. If you could for example tell me where I can find a bag or a nice LBD like the H&M ones I would be very grateful.


  1. Topshop has similar LBDs. I have this one in navy and it's amazing.


  2. H&M LBD is just so perfect! been looking for the perfect one :) every girls should have at least one LBD.

  3. I love those tights! and that Vero Moda coat:) Ireally like this post!


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