DIY: Marc Jacobs inspired Mouse Flats

Marc Jacobs mouse flats... I've been admiring them for quite a long time when last summer I finally decided to DIY them. As I didn't have a blog back then I didn't see any sense in photographing the several steps that led to the final shoes but as it is a very simple DIY you should be able to understand how I did it without pictures. So here we go:

What you'll need:
- a pair of plain flats
- all-purpose glue or a hot-melt gun
- black buttons
- foam paper or 2 small pieces of cloth
-  varnish or all-purpose paint (you could even use nail polish)
- sticky tape or a paint brush
- a water resistant pen or some short pieces of thin wire

1. Nose: The nose of the mouse should go down to the sole of the shoe and have the shape of a tunnel. You can either paint the nose with a brush (don't forget to paste up the sole) or you paste up the area you want to be the nose and spray it with the varnish.
2. Eyes: Use the black buttons as eyes. If you have buttons with holes you can try to sew them on (if the flats are leather that could be very hard) or when your buttons are without holes simply glue them on your flats.
3. Ears: Now take the foam paper or the cloth and cut them into the shape of waterdrops (the foam paper or cloth should have about the same colour as the paint or varnish you used for the nose). Sew the cloth or glue the foam paper on your shoes (when gluing only coat the points of the "waterdrops" so that the ears stick out a bit)
4.If you want to you can add whiskers by painting them on with the water resistant pen or by sticking some pieces of wire into the shoes (watch out that the ends of the wire don't prick your feet)

I hope you liked the tutorial and I am very exited to see your DIYed flats so don't hesitate to give me the links to your pictures!


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  2. Ich finde es toll das du auf English schreibst und dein Blog gefällt mir :)

    Die Mouse flats find ich super süß!

    Und danke fürs vorbeischauen bei mir !

    Alles Liebe & Guten Rutsch :)

  3. This is the best tutorial I've seen for making Mouse Flats! I can't wait to try it.



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